Cheats to unlock A ++ soldiers in Metal Gear Solid 5 the Phantom Pain

Cheats to unlock A ++ soldiers in Metal Gear Solid 5 the Phantom Pain


Let's see how to bring many soldiers with A + and A ++ statistics to our Mother Base.

The Elite and Legendary soldiers are certainly among the most coveted that you can add to the staff of your Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid 5 the Phantom Pain. You must know that there is actually a way to find many all at once, let's see it together.

First of all it is good to point out that if you try it when you still have an underdeveloped base the statistic of the soldiers found will still be low. In addition, we must also consider the problem of disease that can attack your troops (for more details follow the guide to cure the disease of Metal Gear Solid 5 the Phantom pain). For all these reasons, I recommend using this method only after you have upgraded the Mother Base enough and in any case after passing mission 25 in the main story.

As shown in the video above proceed like this: play mission 16 and kill the 4 skulls before pulling out the truck. After taking out the skulls (I recommend using the CGM 25 rocket launcher or the Brennan rifle), you will have 5 minutes to extract all the unconscious soldiers in the area. Be sure to take D-Dog on this mission as it will help you spot the tons of unconscious soldiers in the area. Extract as many as possible, then complete the mission and find out how many A + and A ++ soldiers you have unlocked, in the video we count as many as 26! 

Of course you can repeat the mission as many times as you want, accumulating so many Elite and Legendary soldiers but, remember, the rank of soldiers found will depend on the stage of development of your Mother Base.

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