Cheat Codes NBA 2K14

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NBA 2K14: Cheat Codes [360-PS3]


Also in the main menu of NBA 2K14, we find the item relating to the cheat codes, but what will it be for?

Cheat Codes NBA 2K14

I've scoured the web far and wide, but the only trick that has come up is just what you see in the table below. Obviously we will update the guide with new cheats should they come out, because putting a cheat menu for just one code (even quite weak too) seems pretty incredible.

Unlike NBA 2k12 which had a nice list of codes, for NBA 2k14 cheats we have to be content (for the moment) with the following:

Code Effect obtained Notes
payrespect unlocks the ABA ball

If you find something more interesting, please give a whistle in the comments.

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