"Charlie's Challenge" Objective / Trophy Guide

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"Charlie's Challenge" Objective / Trophy Guide

To unlock this achievement in Sniper Elite 3 we will have to be able to shoot an unsuspecting enemy straight into the jokes. The variables involved are different, so there is no definitive way to do it on the first try. A good piece of advice I can give is to wait until you advance in the game in order to find the most advanced rifles, but above all of play on Cadet difficulty as for this difficulty, the bullets always hit the point where they are aimed, without having to take into account the distance.

A good place to try is at the very beginning of the game, where you have to match an enemy spotter who is on a hill more than 100m away. Playing on cadet difficulty aim between the legs, the other difficulties will be more complicated because you will have to calculate the elevation, the wind and other menate (considering that you have to blend the pampascioni to that poor man, at least make sure that it is a quick thing .. .). If you miss it you can always reload the appropriately created checkpoint by saving the game before shooting at the bolas.

Here is also a video showing how to do it

Important: consult the Sniper Elite 3 cheats and guides tab to find the complete trophy guide and many other guides on this game.

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