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    Catherine - Trophy List [PS3]

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    Catherine - Trophy List [PS3]

    The complete list of Trophies.


    Here is Catherine's list of Playstation 3 Trophies

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


    Bronze The Nightmares Have Just Begun
    Conquer Stage 1.
    Bronze Play It Again, Vince
    Use the jukebox to change the music.
    Bronze Push It to the Limit!
    Push 5 blocks at once. (Golden Playhouse)
    Bronze Babel's Calling
    Unlock the Altar by earning 1 Gold Prize on Normal or Hard.
    Bronze Read All About It!
    Get Justin out of his jam.
    Bronze A New Look
    Help Todd out of his trouble.
    Bronze Mother Inferior
    Help Archie work through his quandary.
    Bronze Love is Patient, Love is Kind
    Resolve Daniel's dilemma.
    Bronze One Last Case
    Help Morgan clean up his mess.
    Bronze Text Junkie
    Reply to at least 20 text messages by the end of the final day.
    Bronze Welcome to the Colosseum
    Unlock the Colosseum mode.
    Bronze Have an Ice Day
    Slide an Ice Block 5 or more blocks. (Golden Playhouse)
    Bronze Bomberlamb
    Hit 15 blocks with a single explosion. (Golden Playhouse)
    Bronze Sake Sensei
    Listen to all the sake sound bites.
    Bronze Beer Baron
    Listen to all the beer factoids.
    Bronze Cocktail Connoisseur
    Listen to all the cocktail trivia.
    Bronze Wiseman Whiskey
    Listen to all the whisky minutiae.
    Bronze You Don't Have To Go Home
    Stay in the bar until all the other customers left.
    Bronze Altar Conquered!
    Complete Stage 1 of Babel.
    Bronze 3-Star Man
    Unlock Menhir by earning 3 Gold Prizes on Normal or Hard.
    Bronze Menhir Conquered!
    Complete Stage 2 of Babel.
    Bronze 5-Star Man
    Unlock the Obelisk by earning 5 Gold Prizes on Normal or Hard.
    Bronze Obelisk Conquered!
    Complete Stage 3 of Babel.
    Bronze Past a Heap of Puzzles
    Beat Stage 64 of Rapunzel.
    Silver Everyday Hero
    Help everyone out of their predicaments.
    Silver I Can Fly!
    Jump on a Spring Block 3 times in a row. (Golden Playhouse)
    Silver Take your time
    Move a Dark Block 10 times in a row. (Golden Playhouse)

    Dreams come true
    View all of the endings.
    Platinum Cheers To You!
    Earn all other Trophies

    Catherine's Secret Trophies


    The Great Escape
    Conquer Stage 2.
    Let My Sheep Go
    Conquer Stage 3.
    No One Expects the...
    Conquer Stage 4.
    Crossing the Courtyard
    Conquer Stage 5.
    What Time is It?
    Conquer Stage 6.
    Path to the Altar
    Conquer Stage 7.
    Making Legends
    Conquer Stage 8.
    Nighty Night
    View the bad Lover ending.
    Hit the Road, Vincent
    View the bad Cheater ending.
    Just Like Old Times
    View the normal Lover ending.
    Sleepless Nights
    View the normal Cheater ending.
    Starting a New Life
    View the true Lover ending.
    Lord of the Night
    View the true Cheater ending.
    Whatever, Buddy
    View the normal Freedom ending.
    A Life Without Regrets...
    View the true Freedom ending.
    A Mystery Within a Puzzle
    Uncover the truth behind Rapunzel.
    True Freedom!
    Conquer Stage 9.
    Taking on the Gods
    Unlock Axis Mundi by earning all Gold Prizes on Normal or Hard.
    Legendary Prince
    Hear Rapunzel's sad song.
    A God is Born!
    Conquer the final stage of Babel.
    The Golden Child
    Earn Gold Prizes on all Hard difficulty stages.
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