Catherine - How to get some secret photos [360-PS3]

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Catherine - How to get some secret photos [360-PS3]

In Catherine during the game you will receive some photos (especially of Catherine). There are bonus photos though that can only be obtained through certain actions or based on karma. Here are what they are:

- The first example of what has just been said is found on day 2 when you receive an SMS from an unknown number (Catherine). By telling her it's you, you'll get a picture of her lips.

- Remember to have pink Karma on day 3. Catherine will send you a picture of her in a towel.

- On day 6 or 5 (it's not clear, however that's when Vincent says he has diarrhea), Catherine will send you photos to make you feel better. It will be one of two things: her in red leather and a whip or she in a nurse's dress. You can independently get one or the other, and you can change it by pressing Y on 360 and Triangle on PS3. (photo button)

- Last night at the Stray Sheep you will get a message from your wireless provider. Attached to the text will be a photo of Katherine, or her next to a birthday cake or her in the bathtub. You will be able to see both of them, but remember that if you have Rosa karma you will get another bonus photo.

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