Captain America Super Soldier - PS3 Trophy List

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Captain America Super Soldier - PS3 Trophy List

Here are all the Trophies in the game


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Captain America Super Soldier

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Conduct under pressure
Get 5 perfect timings in an acrobatic section.
Sniper hunting
Kill 25 Sharpshooters.
They all fall to the ground
Knock out 4 enemies with a single shield toss.
Enemy fire
Defeat 10 enemies using one enemy as a weapon.
One piece at a time
Get the first of the enemy schematic drawings.
Deal 50 Deadly Hits.
A road paved with gold
Get 50% gold medals in Challenge mode.
Launch a fashion ...
Get a gold medal in Challenge mode.
In the midst of challenges
Unlock all Challenge modes.
Complete all Challenge modes.
Test the ground
Complete one of the Challenge modes.
Incredible cast
See all the awards.
Change the story
Complete the prologue: Go and See.
Successful collaboration
Complete Chapter 1: Together But Alone.
Late notice
Complete Chapter 2: Heroic Mission.
Trojan splinters
Complete Chapter 3 - The Wooden Horse.
Send a postcard
Complete Chapter 4: The Secret Journey.
Complete Chapter 5: The Big Red One.
Existential dilemma
Complete Chapter 6: Camus and the Fly.
Real men read Ulysses
Complete Chapter 7: Icarus and Daedalus.
To the lab
Complete Chapter 8: Having and Not Having.
Complete Chapter 9: The Dirty Last Goal.
The Taming of the Shrew
Complete Chapter 10: Blonde Dynamite.
A pleasant walk
Complete Chapter 11: The Sacrificed.
Departing from the platform ...
Complete Chapter 12: Red Ball Express.
Unnatural resources
Complete Chapter 13: The Back Room.
Waiting for reinforcements
Complete Chapter 14 - Hell Is For Heroes.
Hunt for Hell
Complete Chapter 15: Battle in Hell.
Tanks to mortars
Complete Chapter 16: Punctual to Church.
Science and spirit
Complete Chapter 17: The First of the Few.
American Revolution
Gain 1776 info points.
Egg collector
Collect 50 Ceramic Eggs.
Call for backup!
Locate and use 5 Radio HQ.
Hand to the artillery
Perform 3 mortar rounds.
He sabotages
Complete 5 sabotage attempts.
Genius mind
Decrypt 13 Enigma machine keyboards.
Blow up 500 objects.
24 frames per second
Find a Zola reel.
Hey, God? It's me, Zemo
Get Zemo's first diary.
Head collector
Destroy 50 statues.
Sewer rat
Use all 12 entrances to the sewer system.
Collect all the schematic drawings of the enemy.
Kill 101 ordinary soldiers.
Symphony of slides
Find all of Zola's reels.
Here is the neighborhood
Destroy all anti-aircraft guns.
Two hands, one sword
Obtain all of Zemo's journals.
And now who is the bully?
Defeat 101 advanced enemies.
The perfectionist
Get all gold medals in Challenge mode.
National superhero
Gain 25.000 info points.
24 hours
Complete Chapter 18: Was Your Day Well?
The First Avenger
Collect all trophies.


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