Call of Duty Black Ops: the complete list of weapons

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Call of Duty Black Ops: the complete list of weapons

The arsenal at our disposal in the game


Below is the complete list of weapons and equipment that we can use to face the battles of Call of Duty Black Ops


Assault Rifles

    AK-47 AUG Commando Enfield FAMAS FN FAL G11 Galil M14 M16



    .357 Magnum Python ASP CZ75 M1911 Makarov


Rocket launcher

    China Lake Flamethrower M202A1 "Grim Reaper" (Care Package only) M72 LAW RPG-7 Strela


Light machine guns

    Death Machine (Care Package only) HK-21 M60 RPK Stoner 63



    HS-10 Ithica 37 KS-23 Model 1887 Olympia/Double Barrel SPAS-12 Stakeout


Sniper Rifles

    Dragunov L96AW PSG1 WA2000


Machine guns

    AK74u ​​Kilparis MAC11 MP5K MPL PM63 Skorpion Specter M4 Uzi


Secondary weapons

    Ballistic Knife Crossbow Flashlight Machete


Alternative ammunition

    Explosive tipped crossbow bolts Incendiary "Dragon’s Breath" shotgun rounds


Assault Rifle Accessories

    ACOG (750 CP) Dual Mag (500 CP) Extended Mags (500 CP) Flamethrower Grenade Launcher (1,000 CP) Infrared Scope (1,000 CP) Masterkey (750 CP) Red Dot Sight (750 CP) Reflex (750 CP) Suppressor


Accessories for guns

    ACOG (750 CP) Dual Wield Snub Nose (750 CP) Speed Reloader (750 CP) Upgraded Iron Sights


Various equipment

    C4 (2,000 CP) Camera Spike (2,000 CP) Claymore (3,000 CP) Jammer (2,500 CP) Motion Sensor (3,000 CP) Tactical Insertion (2,500 CP)



    Frag Grenade Semtex Tomahawk


Tactical weapons

    Concussion Decoy (attracts attention and creates blips on enemy radar) Flashbang Nova Gas Willy Pete/Smoke Grenade



    Berlin Dusty ERDL Flora Gold Ice Nevada Olive Red Sahara Siberia Tiger Warsaw Woodland Yukon


Face paint

    Animal Apache Banshee Black Widow Blitz Clean Commando Death Demon Dragon Dutch Highlander Jester Lion Mantis Militia Ranger Reaper Sandman Sidewinder Smoke Spider Stalker Tundra Zulu



    Arrows horizontal Arrows vertical Arrows with dot Boxes Burst Circle Circle with arrows Circle with crosshairs Circle with dot Circle with inner line Circle with outer line Circle with triangles Circle within a circle Diamond Diamond outline Dot Heart Large crosshairs Line with dot Outer crosshairs Outer triangles Radiation Semicircle Skull Small crosshairs Smiley Square Square outline Star Three dots Treyarch Triangle X X with dot Yin yang
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