Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer: the guide to get strong and win online

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Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer: the guide to get strong and win online

15 tips to get out of the Vietnamite jungle online


The guide that we propose today is mainly dedicated to players who do not have much experience with the multiplayer mode of the Call of Duty series and often find themselves facing much stronger and more lethal opponents who take little to make their online experience unpleasant. .

We will not help anyone to cheat, we will simply give advice to beginners to gain experience, compete with the strongest and win. If you are already at level 50, then, in all likelihood, you will not find anything you do not already know, but we still recommend that you give the titles a quick read, something could be useful to you too. Everyone ready? Let's start!

1 - Using Combat Training
One of the best ways to practice I've seen in a first person shooter so far is a new addition to Call of Duty: Black Ops called Combat Training. It puts you in front of CPU BOTs (which will take the names of friends on your list) and allows you to face them on any map and any mode, just like in online games. It is also possible to play with real friends if you need to practice some tactics.
The main help you can get from this mode is to unlock weapons and skills much faster. Even if you will not be able to use them in real online games (XP earned and unlocked weapons are completely separate between Combat Training and Multiplayer) you will have the opportunity to try them all and familiarize yourself to then choose the one that best suits your style of play. In this way, in online matches, you will be able to buy and unlock only the weapons and skills that bring you the best results, saving the precious credits you have hard earned against real opponents.

2 - Know the maps very well
Knowledge of maps is one aspect that can really determine your success in most first person shooters, and this game is no exception. Most maps have hotspots that most players go through. Knowing the map and knowing where the best places are will fundamentally change your game, no matter which mode you are playing.

3 - Use the Theater
Theater is one of the best tools to help you get to know maps well. The theater records all your online games for the last few days. Not only can you see hot spots (places on the map where most people die), but you can also see the game from the perspective of other people you have played with. Do you want to review how that unstoppable dude played, what weapons and perks he used and where he was hiding? Take a seat in front of the theater and watch the game from its perspective. You can quickly learn better tactics, locations and equipment used by the strongest.

4 - Find the most suitable class
Black Ops has a ton of classy options, with loads of perks and weapons to choose from. Use this feature to your advantage and try to figure out what suits your way of playing. If you prefer to sneak around the map instead of running and shooting like a madman, use special perks like the Ghost and Ninja and a silencer on your weapon. Don't use what everyone uses, use what's best for you.

5 - Use all the equipment
It's easy to get caught up in a game and forget that we have other equipment with us in addition to the shotgun, but don't make this mistake. In my opinion, the Claymore is one of the best beginner gear, use it. Place your Claymores on flags, domination points, around corners with heavy traffic, or to guard your back when camping in a room. Always remember that you don't just have a shotgun with you, use grenades and flashbangs when you are in trouble. The best do it, do it too.

6 - Always move
One of the biggest mistakes new players make is standing still. It doesn't matter if you are just monitoring the area, or if you are targeting someone… most likely someone is already targeting you. Don't let them have this easy kill, constantly move left and right even while you're turning so that no one can hit you as easily as hitting a stationary target.

7 - Try to always be covered
You may have already noticed that the best players rarely run outdoors. If there is an alternative route to go to a point on the map that has more coverage, take it. Otherwise, keep wandering around the map always being out in the open like Alice in Wonderland, you are already dead flesh.

8 - Think like a strong player
Have you ever seen strong players guarding a dominance point or a flag? Were they sitting out in the open and monitoring the area from a window or nearby hiding place? Think like them! It is not enough to be able to pull the trigger against the human intelligence of human adversaries. It takes tactics, strategy and intelligence. Analyze your surroundings and think about the best thing to do. Instead of running right for that flag, check the area first. You have a good chance of finding a hidden enemy waiting for you, one of those who think like strong players.

9 - Play your favorite game mode
This may seem obvious, but a lot of new players choose deathmatch just because everyone is playing it and because they already know this mode from other games. The advice is to make an effort to try the other modalities as well, you might like it more and you might find yourself better at one of them.

10 - Personalize, personalize, personalize
Your favorite custom character might work well in Domination, but not as well in Deathmatch. Customize your classes, do it according to the game mode and also according to the maps. What good is an assault rifle with a mega telescope on it in a map made of tight spaces and enclosed buildings? Use the "Create a Class" function to customize, find the right mix of weapons, equipment and perks and use them in the right situation.

11 - Always check the angles
Just as seen in the movies, someone is always expected to be ready to kill you right around every corner. Arrived at the corners remove the zoom and exit with caution, the chances that there is an opponent lurking with the rifle pointed in your direction are really high.

12 - Choose the rewards for the Killstreaks within your reach
I know, the machine gun helicopter is really cool, but will you be able to do the 9 file kills without dying to get it? Starting to play, you probably won't get a lot of killstreaks, so why not set the killstreaks rewards lower so you can reach them? As your skill increases, your kill streaks will also increase, at which point you can set higher rewards, including the helicopter with the machine gun.

13 - Talk to the team
You don't need to talk much, but just a "camper in the building on the right" will help the rest of your team. Don't be annoying, don't talk too much or complain, but keep your team informed of what's going on. Coordination is key to winning.

14 - Flying low
If you have little experience, don't try to overdo it. Throwing yourself headlong into the fray will hardly bring you satisfaction. Follow the more experienced companions, they always go to the best places on the map. Getting a lot of kills is just as important as getting killed a few times, don't forget that. 5 kills and 5 deaths is good for the inexperienced, 5 kills and 20 deaths is simply to be avoided.

15 - Practice is everything
More than anything else, it's about playing a lot. This is the most effective advice. Practice in Comabat Training then test yourself in real online games and always keep an eye on the strongest instead of just throwing the most impossible curses at them.
Watching them, learning from them, having patience = becoming one of them.

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