Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Achievements List + Secret Achievementss [Xbox One - 360]

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Achievements List + Secret Achievementss [Xbox One - 360]


Here is the complete list of Xbox One and 360 Achievements by Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


Class struggle

Play for 30 minutes with each online class in Exo Survival.

0 G


Easy targets

Kill 3 enemies with a single shot from the sniper drone in "Manhunt".

10 G



Get through the hoverbike sequence without hitting walls or obstacles or taking damage in "Aftermath".

10 G



Get an "excellent" rating when training grenades in "Atlas".

10 G


Technology is everything

Invest 20 Development Points for the Exo.

25 G


The hidden blade

Get all the information.

30 G


Budding archivist

Gain more than half of the information.

15 G


Where do you think you're going?

Stop an AST with an EMP grenade.

10 G


Fly swatter

Shoot down 25 flying drones with EMP grenades.

15 G


Escape artist

Avoid 20 grenades while dodging with the Exo.

20 G


A new era

Complete the Campaign on any difficulty level.

30 G


Unconventional weapon

Kill an enemy by throwing a car door at them.

10 G


Threat detected

Mark 10 enemies with a single marker grenade.

15 G



Kill 4 enemies with a single smart grenade.

10 G


Beyond the limit

Kill 50 enemies while using Overdrive.

20 G


Volume to the max!

Kill 10 enemies or drones while under the effect of a sonic pulse.

15 G


Acrobatic attack

Perform a boost jump, dash forward, and finally hit an enemy with an air crash.

15 G


Prestige GS

Complete the Campaign on Veteran difficulty.

75 G


Experience on the field

Complete the Campaign on Expert level.

50 G


Man overboard!

Hit an enemy hand-to-hand by knocking them off the ship in "Armada".

10 G


Air no-go zone

Take down 10 enemy aircraft with the EMP using the hovertank in "Laboratory".

10 G


Perfect center

Get an "excellent" rating at the shooting range in "Atlas".

10 G


Get up and walk!

Prevent the walker from being destroyed by the drone swarm in "Induction".

10 G


Advanced soldier

Invest your first Development Point for the Exo.

5 G


Dangerous driving

Kill all KVAs during the traffic section, without damaging civilian vehicles, in "Traffic".

10 G


Second skin

Invest 10 Development Points for the Exo.

10 G


Power changes everything

Upgrade Exo to maximum level ...

50 G


Round and round

"Invert" a map twice.

30 G


Inversion Exo

"Invert" a map.

10 G


Mood breaker

Kill 20 enemies with the grappling hook in "Sentinel".

10 G


Shoot and forget

Kill 10 enemies with the mobile turret missiles in "Fission".

10 G


Heavy hand

Collect 20 weapons in one-armed combat in "Captured".

10 G


Ace of Heaven

Kill 10 enemies with machine guns in "Acceleration".

10 G


Veteran Survival Exo

Play 50 Exo Survival matches.

10 G


Riot control

Kill 20 enemies while connected to the mobile cover drone.

10 G

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Secret Goals

Together with Seoul

Complete "Induction".


Welcome to Atlas

Complete "Atlas".


Fast lane

Complete "Traffic".



Complete "Fission".


City of engines

Complete "Aftermath".


Born to die

Complete "Manhunt".



Complete "Utopia".


Air cargo

Complete "Sentinel".


The return of the destroyer

Complete "Impact".


Dangerous searches

Complete "Laboratory".


Golden Gate

Complete "Collapse".


Fury of Atlas

Complete "Armada".


The day of the manticore

Complete "Acceleration".


Wheat and chaff

Complete "Captured".

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