Bulletstorm - How to change the price of ammo (infinite money) on PC

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Bulletstorm - How to change the price of ammo (infinite money) on PC

A little hack to have unlimited ammo

In this guide we will see which files to modify in the PC version of Bulletstorm to set the cost of upgrades and ammunition to your liking and therefore have infinite.

As we always do in these cases, I remind you that you are about to modify game files and that errors could cause malfunctions, so it is recommended to make a good backup of the files that we are going to modify.

Use a text editor (eg Wordpad) to edit the files defaultweapon.ini e defaultupgrades.ini

These are found in SHE/bulletstorm/stormgame/config or (if you got the game from Steam) in STEAM/bulletstorm/stormgame/config.

The values ​​we will need to change are:


in the file after the mark = you will find a number that represents the ammo cost of the different weapons, then modify this number to your liking to set the cost you want (for example 1) to buy ammunition or unlock weapons.

Two other attributes that can be changed are


which will allow you to change the rate of fire of the weapons. For example a good setting for the shotgun would be rateoffire[0]=120 rateoffire[1]=120.

In all modifications, keep in mind that attributes marked with [0] refer to normal ammunition, while [1] indicates alternate ammunition for that weapon. 

The procedure is quite simple, but if you encounter any difficulties the FORUM is available to help you.

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