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    Brink Trophy List [PS3]

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    Brink Trophy List [PS3]


    Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Brink

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


    Destined for great things
    Complete any mission (as part of a campaign or 'What If ...' mission).
    Ark's Salvation
    Complete all main missions in the Security campaign (excluding 'What If ...' missions).
    Fuga da Ark
    Complete all main missions in the Resistance campaign (except 'What If ...' missions)
    Spin the wheel and win XP!
    Complete an objective after selecting it on the objective wheel.
    Oh sorry, was it yours?
    Capture an enemy outpost.
    The last word is not said!
    Shoot and kill an enemy while down.
    Don't fool me anymore now!
    Unmask a disguised enemy.
    Nice Shot! One of a million!
    Eliminate an enemy by hitting a grenade.
    Time to place another mine
    Eliminate an enemy with a mine.
    Upgrade one of your outposts.
    Better to give than to receive
    As a medic, sell your last supply with the Pass Supply skill.
    I feel reborn!
    Revive yourself !.
    A mild headache
    Eliminate an enemy with a neural bomb.
    It's a trap!
    Eliminate an enemy with a makeshift bomb.
    Long live the revolution!
    Complete all missions in the Resistance campaign (including 'What If ...' missions).
    To protect and serve you
    Complete all missions in the Security campaign (including 'What If ...' missions).
    I know a shortcut ...
    Open a shortcut for your team.
      Annihilate them at the gate
    Close an enemy shortcut.
    This is how matches are won!
    When defending, take out an enemy who is completing a main objective.
    You will not pass!
    On defense, prevent attacking enemies from completing their first objective.
    They will never know what it was
    On offense, win the game in less than 30% of the time limit.
    Was it the red thread or the blue thread?
    Defuse a high potential charge.
    Right choices win wars
    Revive a companion of the required class out of action near the main objective.
    Remember that mine? Gone!
    Locate a mine which will then be defused by another technician.
    Calculated risk
    Give up the disguise and complete a main objective within 5 seconds.
    Place and detonate a high potential charge.
    Do not do compliments
    Restore a squadmate's ammo instead of your own with the latest supply.
    Good job!
    Complete your first 1-star challenge.
    An excellent job!
    Complete your first 3-star challenge.
    I'm just warming up!
    Complete all 1-star challenges
    Radio Ark
    Collect all records.
    You will lead the way, son!
    Reach rank 2.
    This is just the beginning!
    Complete the story in both campaigns (excluding 'What If ...' missions)
    Hard bone
    Complete all missions (except 'What If ...' missions) in Online Challenge or Hard Mode.
    King of the world!
    Complete all 3-star challenges.
    Shall we create another character?
    Reach rank 5.
    Time to sleep
    Collect all Trophies.

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