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    Boss Reborn Help / Walkthrough

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    Bloodborne: Guide to Beat the Reborn [PS4 Boss Walkthrough]


    Let's face all the fearsome bosses of Bloodborne one by one: Reborn, re-die!

    Boss Reborn Help / Walkthrough

    The ninth boss of the game. He can be easily stunned by attacking his legs, hit him from behind until he falls and is stunned. This boss moves a lot, so it is advisable to face him with a weapon that has a good range. With the two-handed Hunter Ax you just need to keep attacking with R2, even when your stamina is down you keep hitting your legs with the R2 attack.

    In view of this fight it is advisable to invest a good amount of skill points in vitality and strength attributes for this, without an adequate amount of health it will kill you with one or two hits at most. If it hurts you, use the pillars on either side of the arena to hide and heal yourself.

    Roll away immediately when you see the legs turning red, the attack will be devastating. The key is to try to keep moving in order to avoid fireballs and other ranged magic attacks as well.

    I close the guide with some videos that show several good strategies for killing this boss. Remember to consult the Bloodborne cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game. Good luck!

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