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    Boss Battle Solution

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    Dark Souls 2: guide / walkthrough to defeat all bosses [360-PS3-PC]


    The world of Dark Souls 2 is teeming with ravenous creatures just waiting to devour your soul. Be ready.

    Boss Battle Solution

    In this guide we have collected videos that show you how to face and defeat all the toughest enemies in Dark Souls 2. See what are the best strategies for win against bosses most difficult in the game. The guide is being updated, if someone is missing, please report it in the comments. Good luck!

    • Last Giant
    • DragonRider
    • DragonRiders
    • Rotten
    • Flexile Sentry
    • Old Dragonslayer
    • Ruin Sentinels
    • Royal Rat Vanguard
    • Skeleton Lords
    • Pursuer
    • Belfry Gargoyles
    • Executioner’s Chariot
    • Lost Sinner
    • Prowling Magus e Congregation
    • Scorpioness Najka
    • Duke’s Dear Freja
    • Covetous Demon
    • The Looking Glass Knight
    • Mytha the Baneful Queen
    • Smelter Demon
    • Old Iron King
    • Demon of Song
    • Giant Lord
    • Guardian Dragon
    • Well done
    • Vendrick
    • Throne Watcher e Throne Defender
    • Nashandra (boss finale)

    Important: if you need further help on a particular boss, feel free to ask in the comments, we will do what we can to help. See the Dark Souls 2 cheats and guides tab for more guides on this game.

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