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Batman Arkham Origins: guide to beat all bosses


The Dark Knight is being tailed by some of the city's most repugnant criminals, let's help him win this never-ending war.

Boss Battle Guide / Walkthrough

In this guide, with the help of videos and some tips, we see the best strategies to beat the strongest bosses in Batman Arkham Origins. Killer Croc, Bane & company have their days numbered.

Before starting I remind you to consult the card Batman Arkham Origins cheats and guides for other guides on this game. Let's go!

Killer Croc
Nothing in particular to suggest for this boss. He will try to throw objects at you or bite your head, but you will have no difficulty dodging attacks. Keep hitting it for a few minutes to put it back in its place. Watch the video

At first, this battle will seem insurmountable. Deathstroke is an extremely lethal opponent and any frontal attack is repelled with an onslaught of attacks that will give you a hard time. The temptation will be to stay on defense, but I don't recommend this tactic. Instead, try to take the initiative, but be very careful. Each of his attacks can be blocked, but if you counter too early you will take damage. Watch the video

Trying to just beat your hands as hard as I can in this battle is technically possible, but the fight will be easier if you concentrate on showering everything with explosive gel. Spread it around and use it until you notice one of the stunned Copperhead clones. That's the real Copperhead, take it as hard as I can. After a while the battle will change, and you will have to start dodging his attacks, but it will not be difficult at all to get the better of it. Follow the video

The battle with Firefly will take place in three parts. The first will be at the top of the bridge, the second will see you running through burning wrecks, and the third will be around the first part of the battle. Follow the video to see how to beat Firefly.

In the first round with Bane inside the hotel, you simply have to dodge his attacks. The best way to do this is to jump over his head and then stun him from behind three times. Once he's stunned, hit him hard. After the first trance of blows, Bane will fill up with poison juice, but the strategy will remain the same. Once you have a good mallet, the battle moves to the outside. Outside it will be more or less the same story, only after you stun him you have to use the Triangle + Circle keys on PS3 / Y + B on 360 to leap behind him and destroy Venom's pipes. Continaute until you beat him. Follow the video


Minor bosses




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