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A first confirmation has finally arrived regarding the production of the fourth season of the television series Boris. The show, also landed on Netflix, shows the world beyond the camera in a satirical way, showing what is behind the scenes of the production of a fiction and what is the life of its actors and of the production.

Alberto Di Stasio, interpreter of Sergio Vannucci, the ruthless production manager, recently attended a live as a guest on the Twitch channel of streamer Kovone, where he confirmed that work on the fourth season of Boris is already underway. Below are his words spoken live:

The fourth series of Boris will be done. I think it's news that many were waiting for. We do, we do, and we are happy. I think we will shoot in the summer, so on television it will be seen in the fall, early next year I think, we are all happy. It must be on a platform, I think. I think it's on Netflix.

Di Stasio not only confirms but also anticipates the possibility of the series coming on Netflix perhaps for this fall. Subsequently, when asked for some interesting anticipation and on the possibility that some actor has changed, the actor replied as follows:

I don't know, frankly. I don't know why they are still writing, without the poor man Mattia Torre who was a very good writer. There is Luca Vendruscolo e Giacomo Ciarrapico, perhaps some other screenwriters will have joined.

We remind you that in July 2020 there was talk of a reunion of the cast of Boris, with the unfortunately absence of Mattia Torre, one of the screenwriters of the series, who passed away on July 19, 2019. Netflix was already mentioned as a possible landing of the fourth season of the series, especially given the great success that the show has already had on the site with its first three seasons. Curious and eager for new developments, we just have to wait for some official news about it.

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