Borderlands The Pre-Sequel - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]

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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Secondary school student

You have completed 30 side missions.

Chop and use

You used the food processor to create an item.

Mouth to mouth

Revived 10 players with oxygen.

Air supremacy

Killed 100 enemies with Wolf.

No, sono Athena!

Killed 100 enemies with the Aspis.

It was useful, right?

You have tried all the Vault Hunter modes using Crypt Hunter.EXE.


Killed 10 enemies with a single Showdown activation.

It tasted like ... purple!

You had a purple or higher item in each slot.


Completed level 1 of all challenges with a single character.

Space matriculation

You have reached level 5.

Lunar Lieutenant

You have reached level 10.

Moxxi taster

You've tried all the moxxtails in the Up Over bar in Concordia.

Lunar plunderer

You have looted 10 crates of Moonstones.

I come from up there

You have discovered each named place in Triton Plain, Desert of Tranquility, and Stanton's Liver.

Take me up

You have discovered all the named places on the Helios space station.

Eridian explorer

You have discovered each named place in Beyond Canyon, Beyond Point, and Vorago Solitude.

High fashion

Unlocked 10 customization items.

The duelist

You have won a duel.

Collateral damage

You had 3 of his friends killed by an Eternal of the Lost Legion.

360 without viewfinder

In flight, you rotated 360 degrees and killed an enemy with a sniper rifle without using the scope.

Frozen pleasure

Shattered 3 frozen enemies with a single smash.


You caused an enemy to freeze, corrode, set ablaze, and electrocute at the same time.


You crushed an enemy using the Stingray.

Who needs air?

You are suffocated for 5 consecutive minutes without dying.

Secondary school teacher

You have completed all side missions.

Moon master

You have reached level 25.

Space lord

You have reached level 50.

Cosmic completer

You have discovered all the places with the name.

Expensive tastes

You used the chopper to create a legendary item.

The bigger they are ...

You have defeated the invincible Empyrean Sentinel.

Borderlands Defender - Round 1,5

Unlocked all Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trophies.


Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Secret Trophies

Death to the invaders

You have completed the mission '' Invasion of the Lost Legion ''.

Welcome to the rock

You have completed the '' Abandoned '' mission.


You have completed the '' Systems Blocked '' mission.

I shot Sindriffo

You have completed the mission "A New Direction".

Drakensburg, Idiotisburg

You have completed the mission "Artificial Intelligences".

Who builds the builder?

You have completed the mission '' Let's build an army of robots ''.

Helios on the rise

Completed the `` There's no place like home '' mission.

Brain drain

You completed the 'Science and Violence' mission.

Again, with feeling

Completed the mission '' The Return of Captain Chef ''.

Go ahead and shoot the messenger

You delivered Zarpedon's message.

Who will you call?

You completed the '' Sub-level 13 '' missions with 3 other players.

Guardian of the Guardians

You saved the guardians from the poaching raiders.

Fifth modern

You have completed the mission "To Arms".

Rocket genius

You have launched 4 rockets from Elpis.

Super secret stash

You have opened the Zarpedon chest.

The innards of the Helios

You have completed the mission `` Watch Your Place ''.

Separate yourself in the house

You have completed the mission "Eye for an Eye".

Superior Crypt Hunter

You have defeated the Alpha Superior.

The weapon in the rock

You removed Excalibastard from the rock.


You have defeated the Empyrean Sentinel.


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