Borderlands 2 - Trophy List [PS3]

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Borderlands 2 - Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Borderlands 2

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Goliath, this is David
Allow a goliath to level up 4 times before killing him.
Five rounds
Complete the 5th round of any Circle of Slaughter.
Not quite dead
Reach level 5.
Better than before
Reach level 10.
Arctic explorer
Discover all the locations of Three Horns, Tundra Express and Frostburn Canyon.
Urban explorer
Discover all the places in Sanctuary, Opportunity and Lynchwood.
Highland explorer
Discover all the places in the Highlands, Thousand Cuts and the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.
Ruin Explorer
Discover all the locations of Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus and Sawtooth Cauldron.
Give Moxxi a $ 10.000 tip.
Classy clothing
Equip one purple or higher item in each slot.
Master Saber
Kill 100 enemies with the Saber turret.
Confused and happy
Phase-block 100 enemies.
How much blood!
Gunzerka for 90 consecutive seconds.
Cute booty
Kill a fat enemy.
Honor to the Vault Hunter
Obtain an item from Michael Mamaril.
A Spanish plumber
Kill Donkey Mong.
Spectacular pitcher
Kill an enemy in flight by throwing a Tediore weapon.
Token dance
Redeem 25 Tokens.
Invisible predator
Stay for 10 consecutive seconds in Trick mode.
Breaker builders
Kill a builder before he can build another robot.
How am i doing?
Unlock 10 customization items.
Friendship is important
Revive a friend while in "Fight for Life!"
Better than money
Purchase 5 items from the Black Market.
Five up, five down
High-five Claptrap.
Bounty Hunter
Complete 20 side missions.
Always better
Reach level 25.
At most ... for now
Reach level 50.
Discover all the places that have a name.
Complete all side missions.
Challenge accepted
Complete level 1 of all challenges not tied to a level with a single character.
Borderland defender round two
Collect all Borderlands 2 trophies.


Borderlands 2 Hidden Trophies

The first spin is free
You completed the mission "My First Weapon".
Dragon Slayer
Completed the mission "The best minion ever".
A little traveled road
Completed the "Road to Sanctuary" mission.
New arrival
You have completed the "Plan B" mission.
An old flame
Completed the "Hunting for Fire Eagle" mission.
Nobody is left behind
You completed the mission "An Unstoppable Rescue".
Wilhelm screamed
Completed the mission "A Train to Catch".
The limit is the sky
Completed the "Rising Action" mission.
I can see my house from here
Completed the "Twinkling Lights, Flying City" mission.
Goodbye, old sport
Completed the "Wildlife Conservation" mission.
Put the band back together
Completed the mission "The Slab of the Past and the Future".
What does it mean?
I can't even frame it.
Child's play
Completed the "Shoot This Guy in the Face" mission.
Like the first time
You opened the cashier at the Fyrestone bus stop.
Identity theft
Completed the "The Man Who Wanted to Be Jack" mission.
Wish for an angel
Completed the mission "Where Angels Dare Not Go".
Bombs out!
You have completed the mission "Work and Labor".
Knowledge is half battle
You have completed the "Data Search" mission.
Thresher sliced
You have defeated Terramorphous the Invincible.
Good story, man!
Jack defeated.
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