Borderlands 2 - All secrets and easter eggs

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Borderlands 2 - All secrets and easter eggs


Borderlands 2 is a game full of Easter eggs, indeed, to my memory, since we launched Resources4Gaming back in 2009, I can say that it is the game to have more secrets, references and hidden elements in the game by the developers.

In this guide we will try to list all the secrets and easter eggs present in Borderlands 2 and show them all to you, along with some tips to find them in the game for you.

The videos may contain some SPOILERS!



The most annoying gun in video games
What can a weapon be annoying (when it's not aimed at us, I mean)? I'll tell you right away, the NOISE. Those funny Gearbox guys have created this gun that would normally also have been a good weapon, if it weren't for the set of noises it emits in the air, along with the fact that using it also manages to slow down the character. If you really want to find it you will have to complete the quest set "The Bane" in Lynchwood. Here it is in a video


Reference to Ninja Turtles


Minecraft reference
Later in the game you will reach an area called Caustic Caverns. In the north-west corner of the map you will find some railway tracks, start following them with the help of the map. At some point you will find a large door, you will have to go around it to access this Easter egg. Follow the video below to see the path that will take you in the presence of a Creeper, defeat it to unlock new Minecraft themed items for your character.


Donkey Kong reference
This clear reference to the mythical Donkey Kong is also linked to an objective / trophy of the game which, as explained in the guide to the objectives / trophies of Borderlands 2, asks you to kill a certain "Donkey Mong". In the video below you can see where to find him and a good strategy to defeat him and unlock the result. But remember that its appearance is random, so if you don't find it on the first try, exit the game, reload and try again.


The double rainbow
This easter egg is tied to a secret game achievement / trophy called "What does it mean?". Go to the Hyperion base in the Highlands, continue until you find a bridge, meet and destroy the Builder. Then do as in the video to find this very nice easter egg that refers to a video that made a fortune on Youtube (currently has more than 35.000.000 hits).


Reference to the movie Top Gun
The very young probably don't know him, but Top Gun is the film that consecrated that ugly and pimply little actor who goes by the name of by Tom Cruise. The developers of Borderlands 2 have found a way to include references to this film in the game as well. Begin the quest by talking to Loggins in The Dust, at Ellie's garage. As you progress through the mission, if you remember anything from the film, you will notice a lot of references to the film (Loggins, for example, is a name in the film). You can see it all in the video below


Reference to the film S7ven
Let's start by saying that if you haven't seen this movie (main actor Brad Pitt) you should fix it IMMEDIATELY. That said, I can say that this is one of the coolest Easter eggs I've ever seen in a game. Finding it is completely random, you will have a chance every time you open a chest or something similar, possibly during the night. Several users report having found it in The Dust area, but it is not excluded that it can manifest itself elsewhere. If this happens, opening the chest will find a skull and a named gun "Neutralizing Gwen", clear reference to the actress Gwyneth Paltrow also present in the cast of S7ven. Not only that, as soon as you open the box Jack will start screaming "What's in the box? - What's in the box?". Well if you have seen the film you have already understood, otherwise, as I said at the beginning, go and see this incredible story. You can see this easter egg at the end of the previous Top Gun video.


Riferimento a Dark Souls
This easter egg can also be found in the Caustic Caverns area, this time in the East area of ​​the map where you should find a monster named Blue. Continue as shown in the video below, until you find a Knight named Lonely huddled near a fire, a clear reference to the Knight of Dark Souls.

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