Bloodborne - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]

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Bloodborne - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 4 of Bloodborne

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Contact blood gem
Obtain a blood gem that gives a special strength to the hunter's weapons.
Contact rune
Obtain a Caryll rune that gives the hunter a special strength.
Chalice of Pthumeru
Obtain the Chalice of Pthumeru, which seals the catacombs that extend below Yharnam.
Weapon Master
Obtain a weapon of the highest level.
Blood Gem Master
Obtain an extremely valuable blood gem.
Master of the rune
Obtain an extremely valuable Caryll Rune.
Essence of the Hunter
Obtain all hunter weapons.
Artisan hunter
Obtain all the special tools of a hunter.
Collected all trophies. Congratulations!

Bloodborne Secret Trophies

Father Gascoigne
Defeat the beast that was once Father Gascoigne.
Vicar Amelia
Defeat the beast that was once Vicar Amelia.
Shadow of Yharnam
Defeat the Shadow of Yharnam.
Rom, the dull spider
Defeat the Great Being: Rom, the dull spider.
The Reborn
Defeat the Reborn.
Micolash, lord of the nightmare
Defeat Micolash, Nightmare Lord.
Authority of Mergo
Defeat the Great Being: Mergo's Nanny.
Beast cleric
Defeat the beast cleric.
Bloodthirsty beast
Defeat the bloodthirsty beast.
The Hemwick Witch
Defeat the Hemwick Witch.
Dark beast Paarl
Defeat the dark beast Paarl.
Defeat the Great Being: Amygdala.
Martyr Logarius
Defeat Martyr Logarius.
Heavenly emissary
Defeat the Great Being: Heavenly Emissary.
Ebrietas, daughter of the cosmos
Defeat the Great Being: Ebrietas, daughter of the cosmos.
Falling Chalice of Loran
Obtain the Falling Chalice of Loran, which seals the tragic land shrouded in sands.
Chalice of Isz
Obtain the Great Chalice of Isz, which seals the home of the cosmic brothers.
Gain access to Cainhurst, the ancient ruined castle.
The Choir
Enter the kingdom of the Choir,
the upper level of the Church of Care.
The origin of the dream
Discover the old abandoned workshop, where the hunter's dream originates.
Aula magna of the nightmare
Enter the Byrgenwerth lecture hall building, adrift in the nightmare.
Yharnam Dawn
You survived the hunt and saw a new day.
Respect wishes
Before the presence of the moon, you swear to protect the hunter's dream.
Beginning of childhood
You have become a newborn Great Being, ready to elevate the human race to its new youth.
Yharnam, Queen Pthumeriana
Defeat Yharnam, Pthumeric Queen.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Details of the unmissable trophies: There are four of these in the game, however, two of them are unmissable, which means that you must pay attention throughout your game to avoid inadvertently making this trophy inaccessible.

Defeating the bosses will earn a bronze trophy, with only a few exceptions: When defeating Gehrman, the First Hunter, the Moon Presence, or Yharnam, the Pthumerian Queen, players get a gold trophy.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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