Bloodborne: trick to duplicate objects, video [PS4]

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Bloodborne: trick to duplicate objects, video [PS4]


Here is a fairly simple method to duplicate items and make a ton of money in Bloodborne.

Object duplication guide

As we always do in this kind of guide, let's start with two very important notes:

  • what we are about to suggest is a game glitch that allows you to duplicate items and basically have infinite money. It is a trick that could devastate the very meaning of the game, so use it very sparingly and especially only if really necessary, otherwise you risk ruining the experience.
  • as mentioned in the previous point it is easy to predict the patched correction, as of 01/04/15 the trick is still working anyway

Proceed as follows:

1) create a second character by starting a new game
2) with the second character go to the workshop in the hunter's dream (you will have to die to get here) and put a pebble in the storage. If you don't have any, buy it from the messenger tank.
3) press the Options button to return to the title screen
4) now select "load game" and take your main character
5) in the hunter's dream, empty the main character's deposit. If you have reached the maximum of the items remember that you can also sell them to the messenger tank.
6) now put the object you want to duplicate in the repository
7) now put in the storage as many pebbles as possible, if necessary buy them because the amount placed will be transformed into the object you placed in point 6. You can duplicate the various stone fragments to upgrade your weapons (see guide to upgrade the weapons of Bloodborne) or you can duplicate Dense Cold Blood to make money and develop your character.

Obviously you can repeat point 7) indefinitely to have infinite quantities of any object (NOT weapons), if you want to change the object to be duplicated, just repeat from point 5). Here is a video showing the whole process:

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