Bloodborne: Guide to Finding the Abandoned Workshop [PS4]

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Bloodborne: Guide to Finding the Abandoned Workshop [PS4]


We discover the old abandoned workshop, where the hunter's dream originates.

Guide Trophy / Objective "The origin of the dream"

Finding this place not only serves to unlock the trophy, but it will also serve you to find special objects that you will need on other occasions. The workshop can be accessed from the Church area after defeating the "bloodthirsty beast" boss (if you need help see the guide to beating all the bosses in Bloodborne).

After killing this boss a new door will open near the spawn point in the Church. Go through the door on the right and use the elevator to get upstairs. From here go inside the tower, a dark area with a walkway in the center. From above you will see a small platform further down on the wall of the tower, you will have to jump on it (make sure you have enough health otherwise you will die from the fall). Then go down to the gate and open it to access the abandoned garage area.

Also check out the video below which shows where you enter the abandoned garage from and good luck!

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