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    BioShock Infinite - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]

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    BioShock Infinite - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]


    Here is the list of BioShock Infinite Playstation 3 Trophies

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



    Tin Soldier
    Complete the game on Easy difficulty or higher.
    Complete the game on Normal difficulty or higher.
    Tomorrow you will leave me ...
    Unlock 1999 mode.
    Industrial accident
    Kill 20 enemies by executing them with the Skyhook.
    Flying assassin
    Kill 20 enemies with one Skyline shot.
    A real gun
    Kill 25 enemies with a pistol (Broadside).
    Passion in bursts
    Kill 150 enemies with a Founder's Rolston Submachine Gun or a Vox Submachine Gun.
    The sweeper
    Kill 50 enemies with a Chinese Founder's Thunder or a Vox Thunder.
    Big game expert
    Kill 100 enemies with a Founders Carbine (Hunter) or a Vox Burst Weapon.
    Cannon out of control
    Kill 25 enemies with a Hand Cannon (Beater).
    Clear sky
    Kill 30 enemies with a sniper rifle (Eye of the Raptor).
    Here pig
    Kill 30 enemies with a Founders' Discharge Weapon or a Vox Discharge Cannon.
    Master of pyrotechnics
    Kill 20 enemies with a Rocket Launcher (Demoman).
    Seasoned to taste
    Kill 30 enemies with a hand crank weapon (Pepper Grinder).
    Hit an enemy with each of the 8 Vigors.
    Vigorous opposition
    Kill 75 enemies with a Vigor or while under the influence of a Vigor.
    Open another one
    Open 30 gashes.
    On the fly
    Kill 30 enemies while on a Skyline.
    David against Goliath
    Defeat 20 "Big Shot".
    Kill a Handyman by shooting him exclusively in the heart.
    Best equipped
    Fully upgrade one weapon and one Vigor.
    Raising the bar
    Upgrade one attribute (Health, Shield, or Salts) to the maximum.
    Infused with grandeur
    Collect each Infusion in a single game.
    Tourist in the city
    Look into every telescope and kinethoscope.
    Spend and spread
    Spend $ 10.000 at Columbia Vending Machines.
    The ruthless of Pinkerton
    Complete the game on Hard difficulty or higher.
    The waltz of candles
    Complete the game in 1999 mode.
    Profitable shopping
    Lead 3 enemies into a single Vigor trap 5 times.
    Lethal combination
    Use all 8 combinations of the Vigor.
    Mind over matter
    Kill 20 enemies using owned machines.
    Strange bedfellows
    Kill 20 enemies using allies from a hole.
    Out of the blue
    Kill 5 enemies with a headshot while on a Skyline.
    The risk pays off
    Kill 10 enemies using environmental hazards.
    Have a good trip
    Kill 20 enemies by dropping them from Columbia.
    Clay pigeon shooting
    Kill 5 enemies while they are falling.
    Lost weekend
    Kill 5 enemies while drunk.
    Party dress
    Use one Equipment in each of the four slots.
    The sly
    Have Elizabeth pick 30 locks.
    Find all Voxafones.
    Money under the mattress
    Loot 200 containers.
    Treasure hunt
    Complete the game in 1999 mode without buying anything from the Dollar Bill vending machines.
    Columbia platinum
    Get all other trophies.


    BioShock Infinite Secret Trophies

    Written in the clouds
    Complete the Lighthouse.
    Welcome to Monument Island
    Make your way to Monument Island.
    Electrifying tactics
    Collect the Electric Trap.
    First class ticket
    Climb aboard the First Lady.
    Armed revolt
    Help the gunsmith.
    Hero of the working class
    Complete the Factory.
    Blood on the streets
    Complete Emporia.
    High school education
    Complete the Comstock House.
    The cage or the bird
    Completa l'Hand of The Prophet.
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