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    Bioshock Infinite Collectible Guide

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    Bioshock Infinite Collectible Guide

  guides to not miss even a Bioshock Infinite collectible.

    Like any good self-respecting game, Bioshock Infinite also tests our exploratory skills by offering a series of collectibles to find and collect during the campaign.

    In addition to allowing you to unlock different Trophies and Achievements, collecting these items is essential to fully enjoy the game experience offered by Bioshock Infinite: the voxaphones add new important details to the narration, the telescopes offer the most beautiful views of Columbia, the Vigors increase the skills of the protagonist and so on.

    If you also want to find them all, here are some guides that will be useful for you.

    • Telescope and Kinetoscope Guide [Tourist in the city]
    • Voxafoni Guide [Objective / Spy Trophy]
    • Infusion Guide [Infusion of Greatness]
    • Guide to Finding All Vigor [360-PS3-PC]

    Also consult the tricks card of Bioshock Infinite, the guide is also available to unlock all achievements and trophies and many others.

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