Binary Domain - Guide to Finding All Stores [360-PS3]

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Binary Domain - Guide to Finding All Stores [360-PS3]

If your completist instinct doesn't give you any respite playing Binary Domain and you are trying to unlock the achievement / trophy

Shopping time - Access all stores.

then this guide dedicated to the game stores cannot help but be useful to you.

First of all I recommend that you combine this result with the one related to nanorobots (here is the dedicated guide) in order to unlock them both together.

Returning to the shops, know that there are 38 in total and for them to be counted towards the objective / trophy you only need to access them and it is not necessary to buy something. You can recover some lost shops by using the "Select Chapter" menu even if unfortunately the game does not keep track of the ones you have already found. Most of the shops are not hard to find as they are big and red in color. But some may escape you in the heat of battle, if so the following video showing the exact location of all the shops it will certainly help in your search.

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