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    Binary Domain - Collectible Nanorobot Guide [360-PS3]

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    Binary Domain - Collectible Nanorobot Guide [360-PS3]

    After the guide dedicated to Data discs di Binary Domain the time has come for us to take care of collectible nanorobots. As indicated in the description of the connected achievement / trophy

    Skill master - Obtain all nanorobots by playing a single campaign.

    to get the result it is necessary to collect all the nanorobots in a single campaign, so it is not allowed to lose any of them on the way, especially because you will not be able to go back to recover it in the event that you skip some.

    For the rest it will not be a very difficult task since the nanorobots to be found are 6 in total, while the rest must be purchased from the Shops. The following video shows the exact location of each.

    Binary Domain's Guide to Nanorobots
    Don't see the video? Click here - Use comments to report broken videos
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