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Last summer, quietly and apparently without any ambition, Youtubers Life arrived on the market in a non-definitive version. The title, although it did not aim to slavishly recreate the life of the youtuber, it turned out to be interesting and able to give some smiles. Compared to our trial of the Early Access version, the game that you can buy now on Steam is its definitive version. Although we had already adequately pitted the experience, it seemed right to go and check the status of the work and the support offered by the developers in recent months.

Youtubers Life is fresh and fun, but it will certainly not remain in the history of the genre it belongs to

Because “iutubber” is beautiful!

There where the title until six months ago gave the possibility to undertake only the career related to the gaming channel, today it also allows you to launch into the world of music or that of the now ubiquitous cuisine. Everything takes place exactly as before. You create your own avatar, to which a modest array of physical variables are applied and you immediately jump into the cauldron.

Having already talked in depth about what the gaming career is, let's try to give an idea of ​​the differences and strengths of the new opportunities. It is precisely on the basis of this purpose that the first major problem arises. Although the effort of the U-Play guys to give a specific connotation to both the musical and culinary choice is appreciable, the not extreme depth of the gameplay of the title hides a certain repetition of the actions to be carried out. It cannot be denied that the developers have read and assimilated the feedback of the players over the months, but the feeling of always playing the same thing with an aesthetic and thematic change, is quite pressing. Don't get me wrong, the differences are there and are reflected in the obvious change of setting, in the need to collaborate with big record labels or very important chefs. You will happen to travel the world playing or practice catering, but inevitably that sense of chronic déjà vu gets to be felt. The problems on the exaggeratedly fast passage of time have been solved and an attempt has been made to make the editing of the videos less casual and more reasoned, but the gist is still the fun of the first version. Your tasks will always respond to the primary need to produce good videos, following a process of editing various sections generated randomly and which will be received by your audience. Each time you upload a video to your channel, the statistics relating to that content will rise for a period of time directly proportional to the quality of the video itself. This basic rule will produce new subscribers, new views and the consequential increase in your finances. Alongside the main activity of your avatar, you can then take advantage of all the substrate similar to The Sims that the game has to offer. It will not be enough to package videos in profusion if you do not maintain your interpersonal relationships and do not participate in events and collaborations, necessary for the growth of our business. Dinners, parties, outings with friends, meetings with producers and colleagues will be the basis of the gameplay of the title and also represent its strong point, as well as the best of the two new campaigns. Let's be clear: we are certainly not talking about changes in gameplay, nor about an extraordinary innovation of the ideas behind the genre, but Youtubers Life continues to offer a few hours of pleasant company for all lovers of management looking for something less demanding than usual.

And now what work do I invent myself?

Having to try to analyze the progress made during the Early Access period, one cannot fail to realize the positive attitude of the development team. For months, the guys from U-Play have read, assimilated and put into practice the good ideas coming from the community.

This has turned into a series of updates to fix the flaws present at the release of the new campaigns. As for the music channel, among the interesting features it is possible to note that of the procedural generation of the tracks that are composed by one's alter ego. This will involve a series of variables that can make each game different from the others. Thanks to the possibility of playing in real live concerts, the musical campaign is fresh and fun, probably the best and most layered among those present. As for the latest arrival, now present for a couple of months, the narrative arc of the chef campaign has a particular appeal given the great success of this kind of content, both on TV and on the web. From the simple dish cooked and taken at home, you get to be noticed, through your channel, by the main executive chefs of the best restaurants, and invited to cook for them on their premises. Nothing striking and certainly less spectacular than a career as a professional singer, but still able to give smiles and pleasant sessions between a first course and a dessert to conclude. In short, the new careers work without upsetting the system, keeping the creation of videos linked to the choice of cards to be placed in specific points of the timeline. However, it is the small additions, such as the musical mini-game linked to live concerts, to add that pepper that perhaps is still missing from the title to make him a complete and enduring tycoon.

Now I'm going to redo my wardrobe

Two words are a must regarding the technical aspect. Youtubers Life does not claim to establish itself as a milestone in the gaming landscape. The purely aesthetic aspect does not represent its most inspired and most successful side, but in the months something has certainly been retouched.

The addition of a good dose of detail, general cleanliness and a decent work on the models, have made the simple and cartoonish style of the game, something really pleasant to look at. In a market in which the most pumped texture is slavishly sought, or artistic research where there are no large budgets, the title of U-Play aims at simplicity. Whether this can be good or bad is up to you to decide. As for the translation of the game, this is limited to making understandable in our language, whatever is said or written during your campaign. It certainly does not shine for lexical refinement and the impression is that not everything has then been translated in the most suitable way, but basically we are not talking about a Dark Souls full of history to be assimilated, so you can be satisfied with the work done.


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Youtubers Life does exactly what it has to do and it does it with a funny and funny attitude. It will not go down in history as the most innovative and overwhelming managerial that the market has ever seen. This does not mean that anyone who wants to know - in broad terms - how the world of YouTube and webstars works, can take a tour. The U-Play game will be able to get some laughs too. In the face of an exaggeratedly high price, we wait to see the next campaigns already announced, which will serve to give further life to a title that has an incredible need for innovation in mechanics!


  • Extremely interesting developer support
  • The various campaigns increase longevity
  • Technically it has made progress ...
  • ... but we are still in the context of the homework
  • Still missing that spark to make it explode
  • Absurdly high final price
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