Batwoman: a new protagonist and no recasting of the character

The second season of Batwoman will have a changing of the guard. The new protagonist Ryan Wilder, although it has not yet been officially confirmed, it will take up the vacancy left after the farewell of Ruby Rose. The decision taken, in fact, is to introduce a new protagonist into the show rather than proceeding with a recasting. The reason for this choice was explained by the showrunner Caroline Dries during the ATX Television Festival:

To be honest I considered the soap opera version (where an actor's farewell does not coincide with a character's farewell) for a minute, as we had a couple of pre-written episodes that gave continuity to the start of season 2. Thinking about it better, together with the executive producer we made the decision to reboot the character, which is a Batwoman reboot using a different character.

The showrunner says she is convinced that the decision made will also help the public to accept this transition:

I think the decision made helps viewers. I'm making a whole new character who will pick up the baton, and maybe he's not the right person at the right time to do it, but that's what makes her fun.

So it has been described Ryan Wilder during the casting calls, the young actress who will take over the show.

She is a nice girl, messy, clumsy and wild, completely different from Kate Kane. She is an athletic, passionate, courageous girl as a warrior, very different from the classic stereotypical American heroine.

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