Battleship - Trophy List [PS3]

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Battleship - Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Battleship

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Welcome to the islands
Complete "The Arrival" on any difficulty level.
The shield
Complete "Construction" on any difficulty level.
Complete "Overwhelm" on any difficulty.
Mythical moment
Complete "Heavy Weapons" on any difficulty.
First support used.
Domination of the seas
All support positions occupied in "Overwhelm".
The knife to a shooting?
Kill a predator with the gun.
Extra merits
Kill 3 or more enemies with a single railgun hit.
Bombs dropped!
Kill 5 enemies with naval support.
Draw or place 20 charges.
Officer on the bridge
Defeat 40 enemy ships in Naval Control.
Ready to fight
Equip a ship with the maximum number of bonus cards available.
Fire in the hole!
Kill 40 enemies with grenades.
Down but not defeated!
Save 5 ships.
Find the 28 hidden rockets.
Nobody is abandoned
Complete "They're Back!" at any difficulty level.
Buffer stock
Complete "Retaliation" on any difficulty.
The bigger they are ...
Complete "End of the Games" on any difficulty level.
Child's play
Kill 40 enemies distracted by the sonic attack.
Rapid fire
Kill 40 enemies with the pistol.
Lawn mower
Kill 40 enemies with the KRAW.
Kill 40 enemies with the rifle.
Kill 40 enemies with the shotgun.
High speed
Kill 40 enemies with the railgun.
Oliver hazard perry
Sink 10 enemy ships with the USS Chesapeake.
Arleigh Burke
Sink 20 enemy ships with the USS JQ Adams.
Los Angeles
Sink 20 enemy ships with the USS Laredo.
Sink 20 enemy ships with the USS Yukon.
Sink 20 enemy ships with the USS Missouri.
The hero of the Earth
Complete the game on any difficulty level.
Commendation of the Navy
Complete the game on Captain level.
Navy Cross
Complete the game on Admiral level.
Rain of fire
Kill 200 enemies with naval artillery.
Global strength
Collect all trophies.


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