Battlefield 3 - Trophy Guide [PS3]

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Battlefield 3 - Trophy Guide [PS3]

The complete solution to unlock all Trophies


Here is the complete guide of with tips and video-guides to unlock them all the Trophies of Battlefield 3.

To unlock the trophies related to the co-op mode we remind you that you can use ours Achievements & Trophies Boost to find new friends to play with.


Not while I'm here
Protect Chaffin from the soldiers in the streets during Operation Swordbreaker

From the roof, shoot the enemies in the street to cover your teammates. Follow the video.
NOTE: At the moment it seems that the result is buggy and some users fail to unlock it even by doing everything correctly. If this happens to you, try repeating the mission on different difficulties 

Faster than bad luck
Kill the 2 soldiers before the palace collapses on them in Revolt

Do as in the video 
Complete the Street Chase in Companions in under 2 min. and 30 sec. without dying

Keep in mind that the chase ends when the RPG is fired out of the tunnel. You have to do this without reloading the checkpoint. Follow the video 

(thanks to Fede for reporting)

Army of Darkness
Turn off the 4 lights with 4 bullets in Night Shift

You have to do it with 4 consecutive hits, without making a mistake. Follow the video 
Practice makes perfect
Headshot all targets in the shooting range in Kaffarov

There are 13 targets in all and you have to hit them all in the head. Beware of lasers that could blind you. Follow the video 
What are you?
Grab a Russian Dog Tag during the Forest Ambush in Hard Rock

To get the dog tag you have to hit one of the enemies with the knife from behind. Follow the video 
Road fury
Push the car to kill the soldiers in Revolt

Very simple. Do as in the video 
You can fly with me whenever you want
Complete Hunting trip perfectly

Here's what you need to do to complete this mission perfectly:

- do not miss a single shot (all your rockets must hit enemy fighters)
- don't get hit (use countermeasures to avoid enemy rockets)
- do not reload the checkpoint (if you miss a shot or if you get hit you will have to repeat the mission from the beginning, otherwise no result)

A bit of advice, then also watch the video:

1st hunt: avoid his attacks with 2 countermeasures, wait for him to go ahead and launch 2 countermeasures, then launch your rocket;
2st hunt: will come in front of you, fire as soon as possible
3st hunt: fire when you have it stable in the viewfinder
4st hunt: it will come in front of you, let it pass, defend yourself with 1 countermeasure, then wait for it to pass and launch the countermeasures, then fire
5st hunt: shoot as soon as it is within range, it should not launch countermeasures
6st hunt: defend yourself with countermeasures for 3 attacks. When he passes ahead, wait for him to launch countermeasures, then fire
7st hunt: after destroying the 6th fighter the 7th will come from the side. Have him launch 2 countermeasures and then attack

follow the video!

Automobile junkyard
Destroy 6 enemy tanks before reaching the fort in Thunder Run

Before arriving at the fort you will encounter 8 floats in total. Destroy 6 to get the result. Follow the video 
Take down the hunt on the first try in Hard Rock

Towards the end of the mission, grab the Javelin and take out the enemy fighter on the first shot. Follow the video 
Kill 2 enemies with 1 bullet in Night Turn

Easier than it looks. Follow the video 
Complete the story of the campaign mode

See suggestions for result "Semper Fidelis" 

Always faithful
Complete the story of the campaign mode on Hard

On the hard level, the enemies will be pretty tough. Always use cover and take cover as soon as you get hit, it takes very little to get killed. Use the help of your companions when you can. 

Between anvil and a hammer
Defeat Solomon flawlessly in: The Great Destroyer

Towards the end of this mission, in the sequence with Solomon, press all the keys correctly as they appear on the screen to achieve this result. 
Without stopping
Reach the garage without ever finding yourself on the ground in Hit and Run

In this co-op mission you never have to land (both you and your partner) until you reach the garage.

To find friends to play the co-op mode, please use ours Friends Finder.

Everything is ready
Unlock all exclusive co-op weapons

By playing the Co-op missions you will earn points that will allow you to unlock exclusive weapons for use in multiplayer. You can check which ones you have unlocked in the statistics menu. The weapons to unlock are:

MP412 Rex - 63,000 points
KH2002 - 126,000 points
MP7 - 189,000 points
M39 EMR - 252,000 punti
93R - 315,000 points
SG553 - 378,000 points
G3A3 - 441,000 points

To find friends to play the co-op mode, please use ours Friends Finder.

Car enthusiast
Complete the mission without losing any humvee in Operation Exodus

You must complete this co-op mission without any of the humvees in the media column being destroyed. 

Just in time
Deactivate the bomb in under 20 seconds in The Eleventh Hour

As described, always in the Co-op missions. Follow the video 
Perfect center
Reach and rescue hostages without alerting enemies in All Down

To achieve this in the "All Down" co-op mission, coordination with your friends is essential. You will find the enemies in groups of 2 or 3. In order not to trigger the alert you have to take them out simultaneously, so use the headphones to synchronize your attacks and try to place some headshots. Enemies in the area must all die within 1-2 seconds. Follow the video 

To find friends to play the co-op mode, please use ours Friends Finder.

Complete the mission without ever using the fire extinguisher in Fire from the Sky

In this co-op mission you will have to use the fire extinguisher when you are heavily damaged. Avoid taking big damage and finish the mission to get the result. If you have difficulty play it at the easiest level. 

Get to the VIP without setting off the alarm in Evacuation
You have to use the silenced pistol and the knife. In addition, you must synchronize the attacks with your partner in order to simultaneously kill multiple enemies in the same area. Follow the video
Double cheers!
Complete all co-op missions

See "Army of Two" result suggestions 

Army of Two
Complete all co-op missions on Hard

Communicate as much as possible with your partner and always use covers.

To find friends to play the co-op mode, please use ours Friends Finder.

Missing in action
Get the first enemy dog ​​tag.
To get a dog tag you have to kill an opponent in multiplayer with the knife. Keep playing online, as soon as there is a chance, use the knife to kill an enemy. 
War on vehicles
Obtain all 3 Vehicle War tapes

See suggestions for the "Decorated" result 
Infantry efficiency
Obtain all 4 weapon efficiency tapes

See suggestions for the "Decorated" result
Support efficiency
Get all 4 efficiency tapes in the media
See suggestions for the "Decorated" result
Obtain a ribbon for each type in the game

By completing particular tasks while playing online you will be rewarded with ribbons. Many you will get by simply continuing to play. You can see all the tapes and the actions required to get them in the multiplayer stats screen.
Better than nothing!
Finish a match classified as 3rd GPI

See the suggestions for the "Best Player" result 
First loser
Finish a match classified as 2rd GPI

See the suggestions for the "Best Player" result
Top player
Finish a match classified as a GPI

By playing online, you will earn points based on the actions taken during the game. The more points you score, the higher you will be placed in the end game leaderboard. You will get points based on the kills made, the assistance, but also with the repairs of the vehicles and the care of the companions. A good way to score more points and choose Assault or Support classes and leave Ammo or Med Kits lying around the map. When your companions pass nearby they can refuel and you will earn points. Keep in mind that they will remain on the ground until they are used or you throw more on somewhere else.
Reach Rank 45
It is the highest rank attainable by playing online. Keep playing to earn points and level up. In our guide you can see how many points are required to climb the various degrees. 


Battlefield 3 Secret Goals

The end has come
You didn't avoid the attack
This result is linked to history. Go ahead in the Single Player Campaign to unlock it 
Where are the other two?
You found the nuclear bomb
This result is linked to history. Go ahead in the Single Player Campaign to unlock it
Assault troop
You survived the earthquake
This result is linked to history. Go ahead in the Single Player Campaign to unlock it
Wanted Dead or Alive
You captured Al Bashir
This result is linked to history. Go ahead in the Single Player Campaign to unlock it
No escape
You captured Kaffarov
This result is linked to history. Go ahead in the Single Player Campaign to unlock it
Fast forward
Hai Completo Semper Fidelis
This result is linked to history. Go ahead in the Single Player Campaign to unlock it
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