Batman: Arkham Origins: Trophy List + Secret Trophy [PS3]

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Batman: Arkham Origins: Trophy List + Secret Trophy [PS3]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Batman: Arkham Origins

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



End of broadcasts
Disable an entire network of repeaters
Decrypt Compromising Data
Puzzle solved
Collect all the Enigma items
Outside one, others remain
Complete a Wanted Dossier
Watchful shadow
Reach the maximum level of the Shadow Watching Dark Knight path
Gotham Protector
Reach the highest level of the Dark Knight Protector of Gotham path
Worst nightmare
Reach the maximum level of the Dark Knight Worst Nightmare path
The best detective in the world
Reach the highest level of the Dark Knight route The greatest detective in the world
At the crime scene
Complete all files
Fight against crime
Stop 20 crimes in progress
Thanks, old friend
Listen to everything Alfred has to tell you
Personal trainer
Collect all medals on the Battle Training maps
Get under it
Acquire all upgrades
Fifty non stop
Achieve a x50 combo
Has anyone seen it?
Complete a Predator encounter without being spotted
What struck me?
Eliminate 100 enemies who did not know you were there
Silent Cavalier
Complete a Predator encounter using only Silent Takedowns
From one point to another
Glide across the bridge without touching the ground
World Tour
Use the Batwing to travel to all Rapid Travel points
Masterful demonstration
Defeat Shiva without taking damage
Defeat Deathstroke without missing a single counterattack
One of each
Use all non-stop Focus gadgets in one combo
Marathon in flight
Plane for a total of 26 miles
Voice of the people
Scan 20 symbols of Anarky
Perfect predator
Eliminate 6 different elites in one match, with 6 different methods, like Batman or Robin in multiplayer
To die for laughing
Reach the maximum level with the Joker faction in multiplayer
The fall of the knight
Reach max level with Bane's faction in multiplayer
Gotham stars
Reach the maximum overall level in multiplayer
A handful of men
Kill a hero to bring the whole gang back with 0 reinforcements in multiplayer
Gotham Stories
Win one assault on each map with each faction in multiplayer
Four to one
As a hero, defeat 4 elites within 40 seconds without melee attacks in multiplayer
More than just a criminal
Earn 4000 XP in a single match as an elite villain in multiplayer
Stunning arsenal
Perform all weapon upgrades in multiplayer
Earn a level of prestige in multiplayer
Know your enemy
Defeat each enemy player at least once in a multiplayer match
First Riddler trophy
Collect all collectibles
Innocent and predators
Capture all Black Mask assassins
The legend of the Dark Knight
Complete all Dark Knight challenges
Collect all Custom Map medals in Challenge mode
Get every medal: maps in class. original Challenge mode (with Batman)
Earn Every Medal: Original Campaign Maps Challenge Mode (with Batman)
Clean streets
Complete all Wanted missions
Something to believe in
Complete the New Game +
I am the night
Beat I am the night mode
Congratulations! Collected all Trophies


Batman: Arkham Origins Secret Trophies

City of killers
Identify the assassins of Black Mask
With one eye open
Sconfiggi Deathstroke
Nobody important
Who is Joker?
Everyone wears a mask
Find Black Mask
One rule
Save a life
Sooner or later
Defeat the Joker
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