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    Batman Arkham Origins: Trophies and Achievements Guide [360-PS3]

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    Batman Arkham Origins: Trophies and Achievements Guide [360-PS3]


    Here is the complete solution to unlock all Batman Arkham Origins Achievements and Trophies. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 3 or 1000 G on Xbox 360.


    - End of broadcasts
    Disable an entire network of repeaters
    During one of the first missions in the game's history, you will encounter a character named "Nigma" inside the Coventry radio tower.
    After destroying the satellite jammer at the top of the tower, exit the roof of the building, admiring Gotham City and you will notice that your world map will be populated with small yellow icons in the shape of sound waves; they represent the symbols of the repeaters that you will have to destroy.
    Now that you are free to roam around Gotham take some time to disable all antennas from the city; when you have found one, simply throw a Batarang at the tower relay to destroy it. Once all ten towers have been destroyed, the achievement unlocks.

    - Counterintelligence
    Decrypt Compromising Data
    For more help, please refer to ours guide to compromising data.

    - Puzzle solved
    Collect all the Enigma items
    For more help, please refer to ours guide to enigma objects.

    - First Riddler trophy
    Collect all collectibles
    For more help, please refer to ours guide dedicated to all collectibles.

    - Out of one, others remain
    Complete a Wanted Dossier
    Before you can start unlocking this achievement, you need to get to a specific point in the plot, exactly after leaving Penguin's ship, in the "Final Offer" chapter.
    When exiting the ship, passing over the outer decks, a political activist known as Anarky will start broadcasting an audio message from the ship's mast.
    After listening to his speech to the end, talk to his follower who is directly in front of you on the catwalks above.
    You will be forced to pass a time trial, in which you will have to reach the site of a bomb, on the opposite side of Gotham City.
    Get there as quickly as possible and take out the group of thugs in possession of the bomb before defusing it.
    Once the first bomb has been deactivated, you will have unlocked the next minion and it will be marked on your map. Open it and set a waypoint on its location.
    Now you will have to repeat more or less the same mission just faced, for another 2 times and when you have defused them all, you can finally face Anarky at the Row Park district court. After defeating him, the achievement will unlock.

    - Innocents and predators
    Capture all Black Mask assassins
    The Black Mask Assassins, are a total of eight assassins to find and capture, to unlock the result.
    Six of them meet natural progression of the story.
    They are (in order of appearance):

    - Killer Croc
    - Deathstroke
    - Copperhead
    - Electrocutioner
    - Firefly
    - Bane

    After defeating them, you will have subdued the killer and the GCPD will contact you to ask you to turn them in.
    The remaining two assassins, Deadshot and Shiva, are not tied to the main storyline, and to find them, you will have to activate special missions.
    To be able to find Deadshot, you will have to activate the mission that will see you involved in an investigation, following an SOS signal, left from the Bowery neighborhood.
    This mission will be available after you encounter and beat Copperhead inside the Steel Mill.
    Shiva's mission, on the other hand, can be started immediately after completing the story mission that takes place inside the Gotham Merchants Bank.
    Both Deadshot and Shiva are also listed under the hub called "Most Wanted" once their side quests have started.
    After finally capturing all 8 assassins, the achievement will unlock.

    - Watchful shadow
    Reach the maximum level of the Shadow Watching Dark Knight path
    For more help, refer to the "Legend of the Dark Knight" result.

    - Protector of Gotham
    Reach the highest level of the Dark Knight Protector of Gotham path
    For more help, refer to the "Legend of the Dark Knight" result.

    - Worst nightmare
    Reach the maximum level of the Dark Knight Worst Nightmare path
    For more help, refer to the "Legend of the Dark Knight" result.

    - The best detective in the world
    Reach the highest level of the Dark Knight route The greatest detective in the world
    For more help, refer to the "Legend of the Dark Knight" result.

    - The legend of the Dark Knight
    Complete all Dark Knight challenges
    This result is linked to the other 4 results, linked to the challenges; they are unique challenges that can be completed as you continue through the game's story mode.
    Each path (to be completed), includes 15 series of challenges that become progressively more difficult each time the previous challenge is completed.
    For the "Dark Knight Watching Shadow" challenge series, you will have to take advantage of the use of technological toys, the use of gadgets and on combat, while for the series of challenges "Dark Knight Protector of Gotham", you will be required to stop some ongoing crimes and making some moves during the flight.
    The worst challenges to face will be related to the "Dark Knight Worst Nightmare" path, in which you will have to use stealth, knocking down unsuspecting enemies with different fighting techniques and gadgets.
    Finally, there is the challenge path "Dark Knight The greatest detective in the world", the challenges to be completed will be strictly related to completing a certain percentage of entries by updating the "database" of the game, finding collectibles and solving the scenes of the game. crime around Gotham City.
    It is highly recommended that you start working on challenges 1 and 3 right away, so that you can complete them by finishing the story the first time.
    During the continuation you will notice that some challenges cannot be completed immediately, or to complete them specific objects and updates are required, obtainable through the main storyline or side missions.
    In total, to unlock the achievement, you will have to complete 60 challenges and if by chance you cannot understand how to complete it, select it to take a look at the small tips that are provided for each individual challenge.
    After completing a challenge, going into the details of it, you can see that it has been checked, in order to make it easier to find the missing challenges.

    - At the crime scene
    Complete all files
    During the story mode, Batman will be faced with crime scenes that take place within the main storyline or through radio calls from the GCPD.
    You will need to investigate these locations in order to complete the file for that specific crime.
    The first crime scene encountered during the game will take place shortly after leaving the Batcave, stopping at the Coventry radio tower.
    In order to start the crime scene investigation, activate the detective mode.
    Now it is necessary to look at the crime scene for the small triangles, which will be the points of interest to be analyzed.
    Scan those spots and Batman will begin narrating what he believes happened at the crime scene.
    When working on these investigations, it is sometimes necessary to review the evidence going forward or backward in order to reconstruct events.
    After successfully completing a crime scene examination, a notification will appear on the right side of the screen, indicating the completion percentage of the single case (of course, if you complete everything you will get 100%).
    Below, you can find the list of all case files in the game:

    - Coventry Tower Deathtrap [Storia]
    - Lacey Towers [Story]
    - Jezebel Plaza Fall [Called GCPD]
    - Dixon Docks Shooting [Chiamata GCPD]
    - Coventry Fire [Called GCPD]
    - Burnley Hit and Run [Called GCPD]
    - Amusement Mile Mauler [Called GCPD]
    - Crime Alley Shootings [Called GCPD]

    Be careful, because the Amusement Mile Mauler and Crime Alley cases will only be available after completing the main story and completing the other 6 installments.
    The achievement unlocks when all 8 sets have been completed.

    - Fight against crime
    Stop 20 crimes in progress
    The ongoing crimes will happen randomly throughout the story.
    They may only take a few minutes to complete, as you can simply beat up some thugs and stop the crime.
    Turning around Gotham you may get a radio call from the GCPD about a nearby crime.
    As soon as you receive this "invitation", a red directional arrow will appear at the top right of the screen, showing you where the crime is.
    You can easily identify the targets to be shot down because they will be highlighted with a red halo; you will also be able to hear their talk about the crime they are committing.
    Upon successful completion of the crime a "crime in progress completed" notification will appear.
    For the success, in unlocking the result, try not to leave any crime in progress unattended and always try to complete it, they are not very difficult and can be completed in a few minutes, also they will provide you with a fair amount of experience points.
    After completing at least 20 of these, the achievement unlocks.

    - Thanks, old friend
    Listen to everything Alfred has to tell you
    Occasionally you will be prompted to return to the Batcave during the main storyline.
    Once inside, be sure to speak to Alfred before heading out again to return to Gotham City.
    You can usually find it near the terminal, near the Batwing, or next to the central computer.
    Come closer to it and start talking to it, to start an animation.
    From the dialogue with the good Alfred, you can earn some XP for having acquired a certain "wisdom", provided by your trusted butler.
    This "wisdom" is essential to achieving the result, so take advantage of every good moment to have a few words with him, so be sure to talk to him frequently during your game.
    Generally, he will always have something to tell you and each time he will start a new conversation, especially after you have successfully completed the capture of the 8 Black Mask Assassins.
    If you haven't unlocked this achievement by the end of the game, just follow these steps to unlock it anyway:

    1): Go to the Batcave
    2): Talk to Alfred, in order to exhaust all forms of dialogue (he will start repeating the same sentences)
    3): Go to the terminal and select the workout; as soon as you have reloaded it, go out
    4): Talk to Alfred again, in order to exhaust all forms of dialogue

    By repeating points 3 and 4 you should unlock the result very quickly, plus you will gain a lot of experience.
    Alfred's most important conversations, therefore the ones that will provide you with "wisdom", are the dialogues relating to very important things, on the course of the game, for example the mutation of Killer Croc, the arrogance of Electricutioner, the obsession of Bane with Batman, Firefly's attack on innocents, Nigma's real name, and so on.

    - Personal trainer
    Collect all medals on the Battle Training maps
    Battle training mode can be launched from the main menu, or at the training terminal at the Batcave, during story mode.
    These challenge maps are essentially very short and simply consist of combat, against the artificial intelligence that will help develop your combat skills.
    There are 12 maps to complete and they are only unlocked by progressing through the main storyline.
    Each map will have three unique medals that must be earned in a single attempt.
    These medals can be obtained with specific actions to be performed, such as obtaining a combo of at least 8 hits, performing a special takedown, or avoiding being hit.
    A help menu will appear as soon as the challenge begins; it will give you tips on how to get each medal.
    If you already have some experience with the combat system, these scenarios will be extremely simple to complete, but if you are not yet used to it, it would be wise to focus on these challenges as soon as a new challenge is unlocked.
    After getting all 36 medals you will unlock the achievement.

    - Perfectionist
    Collect all Custom Map medals in Challenge mode
    Work in Progress

    - Get under it
    Acquire all upgrades
    Work in Progress

    - Fifty non stop
    Achieve a x50 combo
    This result is advisable to do in Round 4 of the "Intensive Care" map, since you will have a lot of enemies to fight and especially because it is available from the early stages of the game.
    All enemies on this particular map are normal, so you don't have to worry about armored, shielded, or armed enemies; Also, if you've unlocked the Shock Gloves in story mode, activate them during the challenge to get a x2 multiplier for each hit.
    Follow the video to understand how to unlock the result: AVAILABLE VIDEO

    - Has anyone seen it?
    Complete a Predator encounter without being spotted
    For more help, please refer to the "Cavalier Dumbledore" result.

    - What struck me?
    Eliminate 100 enemies who did not know you were there
    You simply have to eliminate 100 enemies in total using silent attacks or gadgets, so that your presence is not detected by the enemies. In all likelihood it will come on its own throughout history.

    - Silent Cavalier
    Complete a Predator encounter using only Silent Takedowns
    Follow the video to understand how to unlock the result: AVAILABLE VIDEO

    - From point to point
    Glide across the bridge without touching the ground
    Follow the video to understand how to unlock the result: AVAILABLE VIDEO

    - World Tour
    Use the Batwing to travel to all Rapid Travel points
    Before you can use a fast moving point you must first destroy the radio tower that emits the jamming signal in the district. The first tower will be destroyed during a main story mission. After doing this, icons will appear on the map indicating the location of all other towers, in all districts. After destroying them all, you can use the fast moving points of all the districts to unlock the result.

    - Masterful demonstration
    Defeat Shiva without taking damage
    Follow the video to understand how to unlock the result: AVAILABLE VIDEO

    - Counterpoint
    Defeat Deathstroke without missing a single counterattack
    Follow the video to understand how to unlock the result: AVAILABLE VIDEO

    - One of each
    Use all non-stop Focus gadgets in one combo
    Follow the video to understand how to unlock the result: AVAILABLE VIDEO

    - Marathon in flight
    Plane for a total of 26 miles
    Keep playing and avoid using fast travel points to accumulate glide miles. It will not take long to unlock the result.

    - Medal table
    Get every medal: maps in class. original Challenge mode (with Batman)
    Work in Progress

    - Olympian
    Earn Every Medal: Original Campaign Maps Challenge Mode (with Batman)
    Work in Progress

    - Voice of the people
    Scan 20 symbols of Anarky
    For more help, please refer to ours guide ai symbol of anarchy.

    - Clean streets
    Complete all Wanted missions
    Work in Progress

    - Something to believe in
    Complete the New Game +
    After beating the game the first time, the "new game +" game mode will be unlocked. Complete the game again in this mode to unlock the achievement.

    - I am the night
    Beat I am the night mode
    After beating the game in "New Game +" mode you will unlock "I am the night" mode. In this game mode, you only need to die once to be returned to the main menu and have to start all over again. The good news is that autosave is activated, so you can leave the game at any time to resume later. This means that when you realize that you are going to die you can pause and exit. This way you will avoid dying and you can then reload and continue where you left off.

    All achievements related to Multiplayer can also be unlocked in a Private Match together with 3 other friends, which is obviously much easier than playing in public matches with 7 other opponents.

    - Perfect predator
    Eliminate 6 different elites in one match, with 6 different methods, like Batman or Robin in multiplayer
    Work in Progress

    - To die for laughing
    Reach the maximum level with the Joker faction in multiplayer
    For more help, please refer to the "The Stars of Gotham" result.

    - The fall of the knight
    Reach max level with Bane's faction in multiplayer
    For more help, please refer to the "The Stars of Gotham" result.

    - The stars of Gotham
    Reach the maximum overall level in multiplayer
    The overall maximum level in multiplayer is level 30. Arriving at level 30 with both elite factions will reach overall level 27 or 28. The remaining levels to reach 30 overall must be earned by playing in the Hero faction.

    - A handful of men
    Kill a hero to bring the whole gang back with 0 reinforcements in multiplayer
    Work in Progress

    - Gotham Stories
    Win one assault on each map with each faction in multiplayer
    The maps are 4 in total, the factions are the Heroes, the Joker gang and the Bane gang. Win with each faction in all maps and unlock the result.

    - Four to one
    As a hero, defeat 4 elites within 40 seconds without melee attacks in multiplayer
    Work in Progress

    - More than just a criminal
    Earn 4000 XP in a single match as an elite villain in multiplayer
    Work in Progress

    - Stunning arsenal
    Perform all weapon upgrades in multiplayer
    Work in Progress

    - Legend
    Earn a level of prestige in multiplayer
    Work in Progress

    - Know your enemy
    Defeat each enemy player at least once in a multiplayer match
    Work in Progress

    Secret Results

    - City of killers
    Identify the assassins of Black Mask
    Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the story to unlock it.

    - With one eye open
    Sconfiggi Deathstroke
    Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the story to unlock it.

    - Nobody important
    Who is Joker?
    Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the story to unlock it.

    - Everyone wears a mask
    Find Black Mask
    Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the story to unlock it.

    - One rule
    Save a life
    Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the story to unlock it.

    - Sooner or later
    Defeat the Joker
    Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the story to unlock it.

    Thanks for reading, I hope I have been helpful.
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