Batman Arkham Knight - Trophies List + Warm Trophies [PS4]

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Batman Arkham Knight - Trophies List + Warm Trophies [PS4]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 4 of Batman Arkham Knight

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


A leap in faith
Perform 8 different jumps for 100 meters.
Earn 69 Stars in AR Challenges.
Perform all kinds of Predator Takedowns.
A lesson in brutality
Perform 15 different combat moves in one non-stop sequence.
Armed to the teeth
Successfully use all five Batmobile weapons in a single battle against an armored car.
City of fear
Defend the assault on your ally's fortress.
Break the ice
Destroy the first weapons depot in Gotham City.
Creature of the night
Free the city.
Violence is a vicious circle
Use 100 quick gadgets during non-stop fight.
Dead of fear
Kill 20 Criminals with Terror Knockout.
A well-planned death
Receive a key by completing the seventh Riddler Trial.
Innocent victims
Rescue the fire brigade from station 17.
Dirty tricks
Achieve 3 minutes of drifting with the Batmobile.
The factory of fear
Save the workers of ACE Chemicals.
Favorite son
Earn 46 Stars in AR Challenges.
The gates of Gotham
Destroy all militia watchtowers.

Gotham by night
Glide for 400 meters while keeping you within 20 meters of the ground.
Gotham slums
Defuse all militia explosive devices in Gotham City.
Jekyll and Hyde
Stop the shot at the Miagani Island bank and lock the gang leader at the police station.

The enterprise of the Knight
Settle the score.

Judgment Day
Win the battle deep inside.
Lethal pursuit
Receive a key by completing the ninth Riddler trial.
Hell on earth
Interrogate the pilot of the militia tank.
Seven lives
Receive a key by completing the Last Riddler Trial.

Nobody's land
Energize the bridges of Gotham City.
Pieces of the puzzle
Receive a key by completing the second Riddler trial.

Surgical precision
Get 5 perfect hits in a row with the Vulcan without taking damage.

The furious Riddler
Receive a key by completing the fourth Riddler trial.
Flight into the night
Fly under the 3 main bridges between the islands in one continuous glide.

Lethal metal
Destroy 10 militia transport vehicles without using the immobilizer.

Hit the target
Land 50 critical hits on light tanks.
Sins of youth
Earn 23 Stars in AR Challenges.
The streets of Gotham
Destroy all militia checkpoints.
Point blank question
Receive a key by completing the fifth Riddler Trial.
The bat and the kitten
Receive a key by completing the third Riddler trial.
The frequency of terror
Scan Gotham City for the location of the Scarecrow.
In line at the butcher
Track and capture the serial killer.
The primary enigma
Receive a key by completing the sixth Riddler trial.
Driving license and booklet
Eliminate 20 running cars without using the Batmobile.
Automobile junkyard
Destroy all militia tanks.
The road to hell
Complete the first Riddler trial.
Cold world
Capture the arms dealer and lock him up in the police station.
Trail of fear
Lock up your first super-villain at the police station.
Repel heavy artillery reinforcements.
I'm batman!
Claim the city.

Batman Arkham Knight Secret Trophies

Inner struggle
Fight for your sanity.
A heart broken in two
Secure the secret base.
Angel in the dark
Complete the trials and prove you are a worthy successor.
As the crow flies
Escape from ACE Chemicals.
Do not be afraid
Win the Gotham War.
Brotherhood of the fist
The return of the Dinamico Duo.
Dark pacts
Capture the Scarecrow Commander-in-Chief.
The face of fear
What is the Cloudburst?
Days of fire
Put out the fires in Gotham City.
Double criminality
Go face to face with an old friend.
Fear of success
Survive the Scarecrow's ambush.
Master of fear
Wayne vs. Crane.
Solve this
Lock the Riddler at the police station.
Crazy for bats
Treat the doctor.
Weather alert
Activate the countermeasures for the Cloudburst.
The sect
Save the sacrificial victim and lock the culprit in the police station.
The factory of puzzles
Receive a key by completing the eighth Riddler trial.
Clash of the Titans
Batman vs. the Arkham Knight.
The long Halloween
Wayne vs. Crane in New History +.
Start the Knightfall protocol.

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