Batman Arkham City - Cheat Codes for Alternate Costumes

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Batman Arkham City - Cheat Codes for Alternate Costumes

Let's change our Batman's onesie.

Let's go back to the beautiful Batman Arkham City to take care of the alternative costumes of the mythical Black Knight.

In fact, in Batman: Arkham City there are a couple of costumes that can be accessed thanks to the bonuses linked to the pre-order of the game or subsequent DLC, but how do you use these costumes?

Each character chosen in Challenge Mode can wear these alternate costumes which can be selected at the start of a game, but to use them in Story Mode the process is different.

First of all you need to complete the game on at least Normal difficulty. If you beat the game on Easy difficulty you will not unlock New Game + mode and consequently you will not be able to wear the alternate costumes. Once you have finished the game at Normal then, you should see the option that allows you to change costumes when continuing your story or when starting a new game +.

However, there is a code that allows you to use these costumes even without completing the game.

In the main menu of the, after selecting the save slot, execute this key combination:

left, left, down, down, left, left, right, up, up, down

if you have entered the code correctly you will hear a sound that confirms the insertion of the trick. By continuing the game you will have the possibility to select the various skins.

If the code does not work it may be that you do not have access to the costumes (as written at the beginning of the articles they are linked to particular bonuses) or that you are missing an update (patch) of the game. To download it, connect the console or PC to the internet to download the latest updates for the game.

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