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In addition to being a huge cinematic success, Star Wars is also a merchandising masterpiece. Beyond the large amount of material dedicated directly to the distant galaxy conceived by George Lucas, the brand is a war machine even when it comes to lending itself to other works far from the nature of Star Wars. One of these is Pinball FX2, a Zen Studios pinball game that has built its fortunes on tables dedicated to several important franchises, among which Star Wars naturally stands out. The virtual pinball machines dedicated to Luke Skywalker are in fact numerous, including the one dedicated to the arrival in the halls of the seventh episode of the saga. As it was easy to predict, even the release of Rogue One did not go unnoticed, and this is how the new table dedicated to Jyn Erso and associates has been available for a few days. We therefore took the opportunity to join the rebellion once again, doing our best in a series of games.

Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One is a great reason to come back again in the company of Jyn Erso and Krennic!

The pinball machine is with me

Before delving into the dynamics of the pinball machine related to Rogue One, let's analyze the structure of this new table. Its composition is quite traditional, presenting two rows of side lanes on which to travel the marble, with the inevitable series of bumpers in the middle. At the highest point of the pinball machine there are the targets that allow you to activate the various modes, reachable quite simply thanks to the presence of four flaps and a practically symmetrical table structure.

The player is thus able to properly check the address of the ball on almost every occasion, taking advantage of the presence of a rather airy central area to score shots with particular effectiveness. At first glance, in terms of difficulty, the table dedicated to Rogue One can therefore be classified as simple, but it must be said that to discover all its secrets you must still be in possession of a good dose of skill. As you play, you realize that to activate the various modes that Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One has to offer you need a fair amount of patience and precision, in particular to follow the components dedicated to the story of the film. . The pinball machine is in fact linked to the adventures of Rogue One through ten different missions, starting from Jedha up to the fight with the bad guy Krennic, present as an animated model on the table together with Jyn. Among the various situations that we can find ourselves experiencing during a game is the combat between aircraft, imperial attackers from which to hide and even mammoth AT-ACTs to face. As for the scores, the pinball machine is quite generous, giving millions of points right from the start.

Gita a Scarif

Among the various settings offered by Rogue One, this pinball machine draws in particular from Scarif, the place of the battle that closes what is told in the film.

From the visual point of view, we are now used to great things from the guys at Zen Studios, which also on this occasion do not prove below expectations. The table lends itself perfectly to the Star Wars experience that the player can expect to live, thanks to the presence of various kinds of goodies such as the graphics of the bumpers, "dressed" by TIE fighters that emit the classic pew-pew when hit. As already mentioned, on the table dominate Jyn on one side and on the other her antagonist Krennic, which the developers use to add animations related to the various modes to the pinball machine. As has happened in other cases, the presence of animations can be a double-edged sword, because the more they are interesting to see (and they are), the more they can end up distracting the player from what happens on the table. It is therefore necessary to be particularly careful not to take your eyes off the marble excessively when there is a scene in progress. The audio sector also follows the tradition, relying on a series of dubbing clips of the protagonists taken directly from Rogue One. The latter are of course in English, in case someone is asking the question. To close we find an excellent use of the soundtrack of the film, between famous notes of the Star Wars saga and melodies created ad hoc that the most avid fans will still be able to recognize. In conclusion, Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One is yet another table guessed by Zen Studios, which for this occasion preferred to set up a rather traditional experience than other releases. The result is a pinball machine that can be enjoyed by all types of players, that is to say both those looking for a way to have fun instead of being constantly concentrated in a pinball machine, and those who instead want to apply themselves to discover all the secrets it has to offer. The happiest will of course be the Star Wars fans, who are offered an excellent excuse to return once again to live the adventures of Rogue One after seeing it at the cinema about a couple of months ago.


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