Asura's Wrath - How to Unlock Secret Episode [360-PS3]

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Asura's Wrath - How to Unlock Secret Episode [360-PS3]

Probably not everyone knows that in Asura's Wrath in addition to the 18 episodes that make up the campaign, there is a 19th that must be unlocked before it can be played.

In addition to containing some aspects of the story this bonus episode it is also important to unlock different achievements and trophies of the game, precisely all those achievements that ask you to do a certain thing in ALL the episodes of the story, in which this additional episode is included. (in this regard, I invite you to read the guide to unlock all achievements and trophies in the game)

There are two alternative ways to unlock and play this extra mission (also called True Episode 18):

1 - obtain an S rating in at least 5 episodes

2 - complete a total of 50 episodes on any difficulty

In this regard, it will be useful to know that the difficulty you play does not affect the rating obtained (obtaining the S will always be difficult, regardless of the difficulty you play).

In general we can say that the episodes in which it is less difficult to obtain the S are:

Episode 1
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 13
Episode 14

the others are best avoided, unless you are aiming to get the S in all Episodes, in which case, good luck to you!

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