Assassination Contracts mission solution

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Assassin's Creed Liberation HD: Lead Assassin Contracts


To unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Secret Lives" di Assassin's Creed Liberation HD for xbox 360 and ps3 we will have to complete all the secondary missions "Investigation", "Assassin's contracts" and "Plot". In this guide we are dealing in particular with the Assassination missions.

Assassination Contracts mission solution

The side quests that are part of this group of missions are 5 in total, and they all start in the New Orleans area, in the cemetery area.

Assassin Contracts unlock as you progress through the game's Main Story, and you can start them even after completing the adventure. Remember that these missions can be started only if you are wearing the Assassin outfit.

Here is a video showing where all the "Assassination" missions start and how to complete them to achieve 100% synchronization.

As usual, please, gentlemen, consult the card Assassin's Creed Liberation HD tricks for other useful guides on this game.

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