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After a long wait, Assassin's Creed Valhalla is finally on the market and, as easily imagined, the work turned out to be simply gigantic. As per tradition for the various home productions Ubisoft - find the review at the following link -, once again the game will allow all interested to go in search of an enormous number of collectibles including the so-called Mysteries also appear, which can be presented in the following types: Tumoli, Altars of offerings, Mysteries in motion, Treasures of Great Britain, Events, Legendary Beasts, The lost Drengr, Daughter of Lerion, Anomalies of the Animus, Flying Agarics, Monoliths. Rygjafylke contains a total of 13 Mysteries, which are automatically marked with a blue icon once synchronized through the observation points, and to try to help you find them all we have decided to make this guide.

Hoping that the text will be useful to you, we refer you to our section specifically dedicated to Assassin's Creed Valhalla, where there is further in-depth material.

Ready to discover all the Mysteries of the game? You can consult our dedicated text at the following link.

Before leaving you to the text, we remind you that in the following lines you may find some major or minor spoilers on Assassin's Creed Valhalla, regarding some playful sections and the narrative sector. We therefore advise you to continue carefully, especially if you have not finished the game in its entirety.

1st Mystery - World Event (The Traitor with the Silver Tongue)

Talk to Sulke until he escapes. Follow him on horseback until he stops, now exhausted. A video will play and at the end you will get a Bloody Key. Go back to the starting point and open the chest.

2nd Mystery - Manning, The Fighter of the Wolves

Start the “duel with Manning. The three options you will have to choose are the following:

  • 1st dialogue - Option number 3
  • 2st dialogue - Option number 3
  • 3st dialogue - Option number 1

3rd Mystery - World Event (Recruiting Raiders)

Talk to the old man and follow him to the port, where you will have to face two fights with bare hands. The first will be against where you will engage in two fist fights. The first is against two opponents while the second will be 1vs1. Both will be easy to deal with if you just dodge and counterattack at the right time. Once you have won the second match, you will receive your reward.

4th Mystery - World Event (Hunt for Honor)

You will need to find a wolf and bring it back to the man who gave you the mission so that he can kill him. Head slightly northeast from the starting point to find a clearing with three wolves. Get their attention and run to the man, who will then fight one of these. For him, however, it will not turn out well and you can decide whether to finish the job or just leave.

5th Mystery - World Event (The Sorcerer's Delicate Situation)

Follow the hunter along the road to the southeast where you will find a house. Talk to the sorcerer to hear his side of the story. The two will fight and you can choose to kill one or the other or, again, let the fight take place alone. Whatever you choose, plunder the body (s) for your reward.

6th Mystery - Legendary Animal

To better deal with this legendary beast, you can play the “dodge and attack” technique, but the best method to inflict damage on it is through the use of arrows, to be thrown at a specific point; sideways, just above the paws. This will collapse to earth, allowing you to perform a stun attack with R3 so as to deal significant damage to it.

7th Mystery - World Event (The warrior who walked in sleep)

Talk to the sleeping warrior and follow him as he slowly walks through the snow to a point of interest. Afterwards, follow him again and then talk to him to complete the mission.

8th Mystery - World Event (The Comb of Champions)

Once you find a poem placed on a bench, you will get a hint related to the Comb, which should be near a waterfall. Head to the lake and dive near the furthest rock in the lake, then use Odin's sight to bring up the Comb, which will glow in the dark. Once collected, go back to the woman.

9th Mystery - Drengr (Erik Loyalskull)

Make sure you have plenty of rations on hand. The key to winning is the parry as by running out of stamina to the opponent, you can then stun him with R3, a move that will make him lose half of his life. In this case it is not recommended to play aggressively, as the enemy will continue to parry and counterattack. Dodge his ranged attacks and only parry hits that show up with an orange glow. After each block, hit them with a couple of light attacks; follow this process and you will get an easy victory.

10th Mystery - World Event (The Old Man in the Balance)

Help the man throw the crates from the cliff.

11rd Mystery - Agaric

First, read the note on the bench and then eat the hallucinogenic mushroom. There will be 6 doors around you and you have to go through three of them in a specific order. First, go through the gate next to the statue of Thor (wielding the hammer), then Freyja (the only female statue) and finally the Father of All (the only gate left with a statue).

12th Mystery - World Event (A Desperate Bounty)

Follow the man north to a wooded area where a group of bandits will set a trap for you. Kill them all and then talk to the man to complete the mission.

13th Mystery - World Event (A New England)

Follow the man on your "tour" of England. At some point you will have to interact with a mannequin and a cutscene will start, after which you will have to make a decision. Make the choice that suits you best and you will have completed the Mystery.

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