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Inside Assassin's Creed Valhalla, new game Ubisoft of which you can find our review at the following link, there are many areas and a myriad of collectibles. Today we are going into the specifics of Riches, those in the area of Celt. This time it is a lot of items, which will allow you to reach 100% completion of the game, as well as to get a possible platinum trophy, provided you are playing from a Sony console.

Hoping that the guide will be useful to you, we refer you to our specific section, where there is further in-depth material on the work.

Eager to find all the Riches in the game? You can access our specific text via this link.

Before leaving you to the text, we remind you that in the following lines you may find some major or minor spoilers on Assassin's Creed Valhalla, regarding some playful sections and the narrative sector. We therefore advise you to continue carefully before completing the game in its entirety.

1 - Ingot

Go through an opening in the wall at the Old Graveshan Bridge, you will need to move a bookcase to pass.

2 - Ingot

Kill the man in the Lolingestone camp.

3 - Skills

It is located in the same place, you will have to jump on platforms to get it.

4 - Ingot

The key to the chest is near the watchtower, under the pile of bodies. Break the wall with an arrow to enter the house and open it.

5 - Ingot

Go to Rouecistre Blockade, first take the key from the knight. Once in the tower shoot over the grate, exit and continue climbing.

6 - Ingot

Two keys are needed, one is in the north shaft, just below after entering, the other is in the structure behind it, on the second floor.

7 - Ingot

Enter the hole, use a flashlight to clear the area. Move the boulder and break the wall, use the torch in the same way and continue to the chest.

8 - Cargo

It is part of the Tonbridge Monastery raid, it is located near the big door that opens from behind.

9 Cargo

Part of the Tonbridge Monastery raid, break the door or enter the window to find it.

10 Cargo

It is part of the Tonbridge Monastery raid, it is located at the entrance.

11 Cargo

As part of the Tonbridge Monastery raid, you have to kill Banneret and the other soldiers first.

12 Cargo

It is part of the raid to the Racalf monastery, enter the lower part from the beach.

13 Cargo

It is part of the raid on the Racalf monastery, after the previous one, break the door and go down, then defeat the enemies.

14 Cargo

It is part of the raid on the Racalf monastery, same area as the previous one.

15 Cargo

It is part of the raid on the Racalf monastery, just open the door.

16 - Ingot

It is located near a thatched house. Go down and slide under the wall, hit the button to grab the key, you will need 3 keys to continue later. The first is taken after walking the tightrope, the other by shooting a red target, in mid-air. Keep going with the platforms for the last one.

17 - Ingot

You can raid Dover Fortress to get the 4 Riches. The first has a guard.

18 - Object

Near the pier, underground.

19 - Ingot

In the big structure.

20 - Skills

You will need a key to open the structure, it is located at the top of the nearby ruins.

21 - Ingot

In a locked room at Centebury Barracks, the key is held by the soldier outside.

22 - Ingot

In the church of Saint Martin.

23 - Ingot

Under the Dorobernia theater.

24 - Gear

In the cathedral, behind a closed door, you will pass it by climbing on the bookcases.

25 - Gear

In a house in Beamasfield, you need two keys: one is behind the house, the other close, on top of a pile of wood.

26 - Ingot

The key is possessed by the man on the platform.

27 - Lingotto

Underwater, near Folcanstan in a wreck.

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