Assassin's Creed 3 - How to recruit and level up all crafters

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Assassin's Creed 3 - How to recruit and level up all crafters


As already explained in the crafting recipe guide, in Assassin's Creed 3 il skill level of the various craftsmen it is essential to be able to create the best items, weapons and upgrades.

Leveling up the various recruited artisans is not easy as it requires you to complete all the secondary missions associated with each of them. In this guide we see first of all which missions to complete on the farm to recruit all the artisans and, subsequently, how to proceed to increase the skill level of the artisans so that you can use them to create the most useful and important objects.

To level up a craftsman it is necessary to complete all his side-quests and events that will become available as you progress in each sequence, starting with Sequence 5; each craftsman must be recruited first, otherwise you will not be able to level them up


How to recruit all artisans

The artisans to be recruited are 37 in total. You will automatically recruit the first two as you progress through the main story, while the remaining 35 are recruited through side missions to start around the farm. All 37 are shown in the following video, but remember that not all of them will be available immediately, but will become accessible as you go along.


How to increase the skills of craftsmen

Once you've recruited them, you can start leveling up your artisans. Below is the list of skill levels that you can and must unlock in each sequence. I recommend following this order, because if any level is skipped you risk being unable to upgrade other craftsmen later on, as some events have pre-requisites to be met.

In each sequence, look for the event / side quest that allows you to level up the indicated craftsman. Only by proceeding in this order will you have no problem upgrading them all.


Sequence 05

Note: After finishing the Lumberer event, return to Achilles.

    Bascaiolo (Level 1) [Only during the summer]
    Carpenter (Level 1)
    Farmer (Level 1) [Frontier]
    Basque (Level 2)

Sequence 06

Note: Talk to Achilles to start the “Encyclopedia of the Common Man” side quest but don't worry about finishing until you have recruited all the craftsmen and workers.

    Basque (Level 3)
    Farmer (Level 2) [Only during the summer]
    Hunter (Level 1)
    Miner (Level 1) [Boston]
    Hunter (Level 2)

Sequence 07

Note: After being with the Innkeeper, you will be able to start Achilles' side quest in this part. You must also have started his side quest in Sequence 06, but not completed yet.

    Innkeeper (Level 1)
    Minatore (Livello 2) [After Achilles' Side-Quest]
    Basque (Level 4)
    Farmer (Level 3)
    Miner (Level 3)
    Farmer (Level 4)

Sequence 08

    Miner (Level 4)
    Fabbro (Livello 1) [Frontier / Summer Only]

Sequence 09

Note: Achilles' side quest can be found in New York after completing these events.

    Tailor (Level 1) [New York]
    Priest (Level 1)
    Doctor (Level 1)
    Blacksmith (Level 2) [New York]
    Hunter (Level 3)
    Carpenter (Level 2) [Boston]
    Tailor (Level 2)
    Tailor (Level 3)
    Priest (Level 2)
    Blacksmith (Level 3) [Boston / Summer only]

Sequence 10

    Doctor (Level 2)
    Blacksmith (Level 4)
    Carpenter (Level 3) [Boston]

Sequence 11

    Doctor (Level 3)

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