Assassin's Creed 3 - How to play and win in Fanorona, Filetto and Bocce

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Assassin's Creed 3 - How to play and win in Fanorona, Filetto and Bocce



Let's start by saying that if only a month ago someone had told me that I would have written a guide on how to play bocce in Assassin's Creed 3 I would certainly have liquidated it with a loud raspberry, and instead ...

Instead we are here trying to give some advice for learn to play and maybe even win to the three mini games in Assassin's Creed 3, namely the Fanorona, Fillet and, in fact, Bocce.

Winning in all 3 games at least once will also unlock an Achievement / Trophy

Avid player - Win a game of fanorona, tenderloin and boules at the estate.

but remember that, although later you will have the possibility to play also in places other than your farm, to unlock this achievement you will necessarily have to play in your estate.

First of all, worry about developing the farm well, as these games will become available as you progress through the game. Once you can play it follow the following tips that explain how to play and some tricks to win.

For us Spaniards it is a known game (among other things born in Spain). For those who don't know how to play ...

How to play bocce - Rules
The red dot is thrown by a player. This is the focus of the entire game. Once the jack is in place, the players will have to throw their balls as close to the jack as possible. The player with the bowls closest to the red ball scores points.

Let's take an example: player A throws the red ball, he also starts the turn and will then throw his ball first, trying to make it stop as close as possible to the red ball. At this point it is up to player B who must then try to get even closer to the red ball than player A. In turn, the two players will continue to throw their bowls until they finish them (there are 4 in total, excluding the jack. ). When both of them have finished the balls, the player with the ball closest to the red ball will get points, and there will be as many points as his balls closest to the ball with respect to those of the opponent. Then we start over with a new shift.

The game ends when one of the two players scores 5 points

Tips for winning bowls
This is certainly the simplest of the three games we will have to face. The advice is to always try to aim at the opponent's ball closest to the jack. Always try to hit his smear ball, hitting his half closest to the cue ball so that it rolls away from the cue ball. With a bit of luck yours will remain close instead, so you will remove a point from him and make one for you at the same time. Watch the video shown at the end of the guide to better understand.


Fillet is a board game that has its origins in the Roman Empire era.

How to play fillet - Rules
The two players start with nine pieces that must be placed gradually, in turn and one each, in one of the vertices indicated on the game board. The goal of the game is to line up three pieces horizontally, vertically or at an angle. When a player succeeds in doing so, he can remove a pawn of his opponent's choice from the game board. Once all the pieces have been placed on the game board, the players continue to move the ones that are left on it. The winner is the one who manages to "eat" all the opponent's pieces first.

Tips to win at Filetto
The game is not difficult, you will immediately understand how it works and you will not have great difficulty in beating your opponent. Starting first has always been an advantage. Watch the video at the end of the article which also shows the fillet in addition to the other two games. Note that after eating the first piece it could immediately create the conditions to eat the second one too, but despite this it uses the roll to defend itself to prevent the opponent's counterattack. With this I want to emphasize that it is good to reason a move forward and not aim head down to align the three pieces, it is also necessary to prevent as much as possible that the opponent eats yours.


This is definitely the hardest mini-game of the three in Assassin's Creed 3. Even at the lowest levels the challenge will be tough, so arm yourself with patience.

How to play Faronona - Rules
Source Wikipedia. The players move in turn. The player whose turn it is moves a single piece, moving it to an empty adjacent square (vertex). Movement can result in a capture in several situations:

capture by juxtaposition: occurs when the arrival square of the move is adjacent to an opponent's piece. If so, that piece is captured. All subsequent adjacent opposing pieces along the direction of movement are also captured (ie all pieces located "after" the captured piece, in a continuous row).
capture by removal: occurs when the starting square of the move is adjacent to an opponent's piece. This piece is then captured together with all the adjacent ones in a straight line proceeding "backward" with respect to the direction of the movement.

Except that in their first turn, a player making a capture is entitled to play again, but is not allowed, in a single turn, to move the same piece in opposite directions (ie, a piece cannot "retrace its steps" ). Capture, when possible, is mandatory.

The captured pieces are removed from the game, the first player who runs out of pieces loses the game.

Tips for winning in Faronona
At first try to chain as many attacks as possible to eat more pieces. Always think a couple of moves forward, before moving try to guess what your opponent might do in response, then think about your subsequent response, then prepare your move in this sense, if you do not foresee dangers attack, otherwise remember that you must also stick up for.

In Assassin's Creed 3, the game becomes extremely difficult when your opponent has the last 3-4 tokens left. So try to close it with yours in a corner so as not to leave any escape routes. Be prepared because when cornered the AI ​​will try to lengthen the game as much as possible by putting itself on the defensive, do not give up and keep thinking without losing patience.


Here is a video showing a winning match of all three games. Clearly each game is a story in itself and you cannot hope to win yours by looking at this one, but it will certainly be useful for you to better understand the rules and learn winning strategies.

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