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    Arms Traffic Investigations: The Saturday Night Weapon

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    Watch Dogs Gun Trafficking Mission Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


    We have finally arrived at the latest Watch Dogs investigation guide, let's see how to complete all the missions on the arms trafficking.

    Arms Traffic Investigations: The Saturday Night Weapon

    To unlock this achievement it is necessary to complete a total of 10 side missions relating to arms trafficking. By completing the first 9, the tenth bonus mission, at the end of which the trophy / achievement will be unlocked.

    In these missions you will need to find the weapons crates that are usually found behind the garage door scattered around Chicago. Find and hack the panel to gain access and find the chest. Also in this case, as for all Watch Dogs collectibles, I remind you that by unlocking the ctOS antennas their position will be shown on the mini-map.

    Below is a video showing where to find all the weapon crates and how to complete the latest bonus weapons trafficking mission.

    Important: in the Watch Dogs cheats and guides tab there are other useful guides: earning money and easy XP, the solution to all investigations and more ...

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