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Four years after the excellent debut on the new generation platforms, TT Games and Warner Bros. try to repeat the resounding success of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes with a sequel even richer in characters and settings, supported by traditional brick-built humor. In this case, the story sees Kang the Conqueror, an evil time traveler, transforming the city of Manhattan into a sort of temporal patchwork that unites, through a series of portals, scenarios such as Wakanda, K'un-Lun, Asgard, Attilan, Lemuria , Sakaar, Hala, the New York noir of the past, the New York of the future but also ancient Egypt, the Far West and medieval England. The creation of the villain has a name, Chronopolis, and the many heroes of the Marvel universe will have to work together to bring things back to normal, thanks to some crystals from Knowhere and the magic of Doctor Strange; all in the context of a campaign consisting of twenty levels, full of collectibles, customizations and extra missions as usual.

Awesome Mix

The incipit of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is smart and successful, since it puts in the field the Guardians of the Galaxy, accompanied by the inevitable "Come and get your love" by Redbone, in their formation of the second film, therefore with Groot in version reduced. After a mission on Xandar carried out by the various Star-Lords, Drax, Gamora and Rocket Raccoon, the scene moves to planet Earth, where the arrival of Kang on his huge spaceship occurs. The temporal paradox takes place before the Avengers and the other heroes can do anything, finding themselves in the situation of having to undo the damage done by the evil invader and to fight against the usual villains, further fomented by the prospect of dividing the new kingdom. TT Games confirms that it wants to play it safe by reiterating the usual gameplay mechanisms, with well-assorted teams of characters in which each figure has the peculiar skills necessary for solving certain puzzles or to defeat the many bosses that we will find along the way, some literally enormous (see fiery Surtur or celestial Eson). The major innovations are in fact of a numerical type, thanks to a truly boundless cast and the abundance of locations, although structurally the offer does not correspond to a real open world, but to the traditional hub (represented in this case by the city of Manhattan) from which to access the various scenarios after a short loading, in which we can enjoy an episode of the controversial podcast by J. Jonah Jameson.

Invest in the brick

TT Games has been making games in the LEGO series for over ten years, and the feeling is that the team is much more comfortable creating parodies of familiar stories (see the recent LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. ) rather than writing new ones. Unfortunately LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 confirms somewhat the negative trend inaugurated by LEGO Marvel's Avengers, managing to snatch a few smiles only on rare occasions and therefore losing a fundamental element in the perspective of the experience, which has little else to rely on for revive user enthusiasm. The elimination of the game over a few years ago has in fact reset the degree of challenge rather than fixing the many distortions of a combat system that is confirmed as chaotic, slippery and unable to make the most of the impacts. The same exploration phase inside the hub, when you follow the inevitable celestial bricks towards the next destination, is very boring and without ideas. What remains? The puzzles, some of which are tantalizing and entertaining, are also put into play during the boss fights, although the formula "breaks everything you see and then mounts the usual device" has also remained unchanged. Of course, there is no shortage of collectibles and extra challenges, but it is material that only fans of the series (or those who are fasting on it, therefore finding it relatively fresh) will be able to really appreciate. Video 52822

PlayStation 4 Trophies

The forty-six LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Trophies are obtained by completing the twenty levels of the campaign and completing a series of unique challenges and actions, such as forming teams that include two versions of Groot and two different Captain America. There is no shortage of achievements related to exploration and puzzle solving, such as those obtained by freeing the many Stan Lee imprigined within the scenario.

Heroes, heroes, heroes

In short, the experience of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is weakened by highly recycled structural and gameplay solutions, by a combat system that does not hint at improving and even by the lack of effective humor, confirming the fact that reworking famous scenes is one thing while inventing something new is another story altogether. Literally. The game certainly has an excellent workmanship dubbing in Spanish, a feature that must be absolutely appreciated also for the extension of the cast, but even here it is impossible not to notice a couple of big distortions: in the first place it makes no sense that a character like Peter Quill has such an elderly voice, net of a good interpretation, and being the first figure to appear in the game, the initial impact with the localization is not the best; secondly, it often happens that the volume levels of the voices are very different, a problem that afflicts a large number of productions and that we have always wondered exactly what it depends on.

As for the graphics, unfortunately, here too the situation is not the best: the effects are valid and the many superheroes are well characterized, with a decent set of animations, but the frame rate wobbles unjustifiably on some occasions and the management of the lights of Chronopolis really leaves a lot to be desired. Finally, a problem with the controls: the characters who fly can go up or down in altitude either by acting on the right analog stick or on the X and Triangle buttons, but the first action also corresponds to the change of view and this results in episodes of great frustration when maybe we are shooting the scenario in search of hidden objects.


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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is confirmed as an experience designed for younger users, perhaps to be played in cooperative, but the playful offer appears absolutely harmless to anyone else. The TT Games series has been carrying around the same problems for years now, first of all a slippery and chaotic combat system, unable to enhance the impacts, but has often been able to win thanks to the puzzle solving and humor that has always characterized the franchise . When even this last element begins to feel tired, perhaps due to the fact that we are talking about an original story and therefore the hook of sequences already well known to the public is missing, then maybe it is appropriate to stop for a moment to reflect on direction you want to take for the future.


  • Fairly long campaign, many different scenarios
  • A huge cast of Marvel heroes
  • Good use of puzzles, even during boss fights
  • Slippery and inconsistent combat system
  • Subdued humor
  • Technically dated
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