Apple: Strange deal bans movie villains from owning an iPhone

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It often happens, indeed it is practically the norm, that in the course of the production of a film they go to create trade agreements with some companies. What we are talking about today is probably one of the most bizarre. It is not difficult to see a film in a film iPhone, perhaps in the hands of one of the main characters of the film, but none of you may have seen the smartphone of Apple in the palm of one of the villain. This is because, according to what was declared by a well-known director, the Apple imposes a ban on the use of its devices to the enemies of the films.

Rian Johnson, director of Looper, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the most recent Dinner with Crime - Knives Out (of which you can read our review), has in fact released an interesting statement during a behind the scenes granted to Vanity Fair. Johnson said, “Apple allows you to use the iPhone in movies but, and this is crucial, not for the villains. ". The production would therefore be forced to fall back on devices based on Android.

You can hear the above statement in the video on the cover of this article.

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