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Are you looking for a way or an app to delete people or objects from a photo? In this article we have listed 5, yes 5 apps to delete objects or people from a photo. Five different solutions to remove people or things from your photos taken with your smartphone.

Photography has become the absolute protagonist of our mobile phones, thanks to the ease with which we are able to capture high quality images, thanks to the photographic sensors mounted on iOS and Android smartphones.

It is not strange to accumulate hundreds or thousands of images on our mobile phones, even if not always with the result we expected. To the point that on many occasions we can find a person or an object snuck into the image that ruins the whole photograph.

Therefore, we offer you up to five applications to delete or remove people or objects from a photograph. And no, it's not magic, but specially designed apps to edit images. there the best apps to delete people or things from our photos on iOS and Android.

App to delete people or objects from a photo

1. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Our first recommendation comes from the hand of one of the undisputed specialists in photographic retouching; And it's Adobe Photoshop offers its own app so that we can fix photos with a few simple steps. 

The method is simple, that's enough select the element we want to remove from the image by shading it so that the program itself does the rest automatically

Of course, if the background of the image to be retouched is smooth, you will get more professional results. In any case, Adobe Photoshop Fix offers magnificent results completely free on both iOS and Android.

  • Adobe Photoshop Fix iPhone
  • Adobe Photoshop Fix Google Play

2. TouchRetouch

It is a great app for iOS and Android with which we can remove people and objects from an image quickly and easily. D.we obey alone access the option to remove objects and then mark the area from which we want to delete an element

So, we just have to accept the changes so that the software works and leaves the image with a real background like the rest of the photograph. On both platforms it is priced at 1,99 €.

  • TouchRetouch iTunes
  • TouchRetouch Google Play

3. TouchRemove

It is one of the easiest applications to use, as it just asks us to touch the object in the image that we want to delete and have an instant preview. If the result convinces us, we just have to confirm and save a copy without the person or object that was bothering us. Available on Android for 0,99 euros.

  • TouchRemove Google Play

4. Snapseed

Another highly recommended application to eliminate unwanted things from our photographs. Again, its operation is very simple, since we just have to mark the object or person we want to delete from the image and the software itself will take care of hiding it filling the space with the pixels copied from the photo. Snapseed is available on iOS and Android completely free.

  • Snapseed iTunes
  • Snapseed Google Play

5. YouCam Perfect

Our last recommendation comes with YouCam Perfect, one of the most complete image retouching applications. In addition to removing unwanted objects from a photograph, offers other additions like picture cropping, color adjustment, frames, collages … Although what matters to us in this case is the removal of objects or people, which also offers excellent results. It is totally free!

  • YouCam Perfect iTunes
  • YouCam Perfetto Google Play

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