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Sometimes they come back. And they do it with a lot of style. About twenty days ago, with a trial of the entire campaign of the remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare we had already highlighted a work that went far beyond the simple porting of the game on current consoles. Although the operation seemed more a devious technique to keep close the fans of the past, the care taken in the graphic update of the title was more than adequate. Now, with the release of the complete package, the addition of the multiplayer component test and, like it or not, that Infinite Warfare that should represent the new iteration, we are ready to pull the strings of this latest work at Activision.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is back with a restored version that almost screams a miracle!

But how beautiful is war in the present ...

It would be useless to go back to talking about what is the narrative arc of Modern Warfare. In light of the past years and the test a few weeks ago, what is important is to contextualize the title. In a landscape in which first-person shooters fight each other aboard mechs, with exoskeletons that offer double jumps and runs on the walls or, on the contrary, you return to live them in the trenches of the First World War, Modern Warfare stops to the present day.

The intention is to give us the most vivid and spectacular reproduction of the war operations that, unfortunately, we have heard more and more about in recent years. Where our imagination does not reach, it is therefore Infinity Ward to give us a point of view, clearly fictionalized, of the brutality and fascination that causes war in all of us. The campaign unfolds over twenty missions and is divided into acts. The variety of settings and situations that we are going to find ourselves in front of, undoubtedly makes it one of the most deserving of the panorama of first-person shooters. It is no coincidence that, even today after a decade, Modern Warfare is considered a pillar of the genre, and the campaign is an integral part of this attractiveness. Despite a heavy script of events and a series of situations that focus more on cinematic spectacularization than on the experience purely linked to the gameplay, one cannot fail to be fascinated by the incredible scenic capacity of the story that we are called to live. Infinity Ward was able to mark a firm, indelible and lasting point in the history of the genre. Reliving it after all these years is not only a pleasure, but also a way, both for newbies and for the old guard, to fully understand the contribution given back in 2007.

That multiplayer that changed everything

Being a complete game, even the multiplayer of Modern Warfare undergoes a complete restyling, without any precautions other than a purely technical one, thus offering the original experience that has distinguished one of the most popular Call of Duty in history. After spending several hours on Infinite Warfare, characterized by fast and frenetic gameplay, returning to a multiplayer of a ten-year-old game is undoubtedly curious. You immediately notice so many different concepts and how many things have changed in conceiving a competitive multiplayer mode.

Initially, you are easily blown away by the elementary movement system combined with an extremely low time to kill, in which a simple burst of an assault rifle is capable of taking out an enemy. The clashes are much less fought, almost elementary, and surviving becomes more a matter of not being discovered and often changing your position regardless of the class or the weapons you are using. However, apart from a little initial despondency, also driven by a slight nostalgia factor, we begin to see the many small details of the multiplayer that has fascinated millions of players around the world. From slower and more silent matches, we move on to intense "seek and destroy" clashes or hard-fought games in domination mode, all linked to a gameplay that certainly feels the years, but which despite everything is still very pleasant today. Probably thanks to the good design of the maps that guarantee game arenas that are still fun to play and are also enhanced by the remastering that only makes them even more enjoyable. On the latter there is a lot to say, the weapons and the models of the characters are very well made, as well as the various urban scenarios that make the clashes in these environments very pleasant. The quality of the foliage and grass is disappointing, especially when viewed from a distance, probably the victim of unsatisfactory anti-aliasing filtering. However, there is no doubt that the presence of foliage has drastically increased compared to the original version, making the maps really pleasant to see despite the various technicalities mentioned above. The equipment customization system remains unchanged, each weapon will have its slots dedicated to various sights and accessories in order to perfectly adapt to the player's style of play, even the amount of skins available has remained unchanged compared to the predecessor. On an aesthetic level, instead, there are new emblems, absent in the original version of the game, which will be unlocked by completing certain challenges or by completing a prestige. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered includes ten launch maps, with the remaining six slated for late December 2016. In conclusion of this paragraph dedicated to multiplayer, we still want to underline that the title, despite Call of Duty boasts an immense user base, risks being reserved for the elite of players who have specifically purchased the Legacy edition of Infinite Warfare and, moreover, considering the absolutely contrasting gameplay and not in step with the times (especially considering that Modern Warfare Remastered is not sold separately) one wonders, in the long run, which game will the players prefer and what will be the fate of this remastered version.

PlayStation 4 Trophies

The pursuit of the much coveted trophies will require you to earn a total of 50 awards before getting the hard-earned Platinum in return. Divided into 34 bronze, 15 silver and 1 gold, you will be called upon to complete the campaign in all available difficulties and to perform particular actions in battle. All in all, a rather simple and painless collection.

A cleaning of some weight

Speaking of the purely technical aspect, as said initially and repeated also with regard to the multiplayer component, this remastered marks a significant peak in the revision landscape. In a generation made up of low-level conversions and commercial operations aimed only at making the most of a single brand, we find ourselves smiling at the productive value of Modern Warfare. Almost everything (the missions aboard the AC130 have remained unchanged) has undergone an almost total overhaul. The polygonal models of the characters do not look out of place in front of many of the current productions, as well as the various settings and particle effects related to explosions and atmospheric agents. The only elements that perhaps suffer a little from the weight of the years are found in the models of the weapons, not always perfect especially when compared with the rest of the environment; and in a lighting system that is inevitably not in step with the times. We are talking about one of those elements that in the last decade has made real giant steps in the realistic reproduction of dynamic light and shading. This would have required not only a revision but a new realization in order not to disfigure in the face of current titles. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is therefore a pleasure for the eyes and ears, also thanks to a very decent audio sector, another element that is certainly not approachable to the peaks reached by Dice with Battlefront and the most recent Battlefield 1, but which does not look bad in front of the average of the recently published titles.


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More and more players are inclined to purchase Infinite Warfare almost and solely to have access to this remastered. Whether this is justified or not is up to each player to decide. What is certain is that Activision's choice not to sell (at least for the first few months) this edition individually does nothing but fuel the rumors in this direction. For our part we can say that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is undoubtedly one of the best ports ever made and can only please, for old and new players, to return to those feelings that so many joys, pains, laughter and grimaces there had given. All clearly dictated by more staid and reasoned playing times than the current ones. We could have stopped to take the code and bring it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, perhaps castrated in the contents, but we are instead faced with the exact same package, with its pros and cons. You choose which battleground you prefer: this year Infinity Ward gives you the widest choice possible!


  • It's Modern Warfare in all its glory and more
  • Contents remained unchanged, without cuts and some additions
  • Technically it almost seems like a miracle
  • Included in the package with Infinite Warfare ...
  • ... but at a higher price and cannot be purchased separately
  • The surprise of additional content would have been the icing
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