All the upgrades for the shield

Wolfenstein the New Order Armor Power Upgrade Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Here is the guide to maximize the armor of your ciula-nazi.

All the upgrades for the shield

In Wolfenstein the New Order during the campaign it is possible to collect upgrades that increase the character's maximum armor. Shield powerups are found scattered throughout the game levels and in the video below you can see the exact location of each.

The following is the list of all armor upgrades available in the game with indicated the minute of the video showing where to find them in your first game. Collecting them all will have a +10 in the character's armor every time you collect pieces of armor, up to a maximum of 200 armor points.

Capitolo 1 1: Deathshead’s Compound
• No Armor Upgrade here.

Capitolo 1 2: Asylum
• [06:55] - Armor upgrade # 1

Capitolo 1 3: A New World
• [09:57] - Armor upgrade # 2
• [11:40] - Armor upgrade # 3

Chapter 1 5: A New Home
• [19:04] - Armor upgrade # 4

Chapter 1 6: London Nautica
• [22:01] - Armor upgrade # 5

Capitolo 1 7: A Mystery
• [25:56] - Armor upgrade # 6

Capitolo 1 9: New Tactics
• [33:05] - Armor upgrade # 7

Chapter 1 10: Berlin Catacombs
• [40:35] - Armor upgrade # 8

Chapter 1 12: Gibraltar Bridge
• [50:51] - Armor upgrade # 9

Chapter 1 13: Lunar Base
• [52:41] - Armor upgrade # 10

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