All the refuges in Manhattan in The Division, "Marathon" Trophy

The Division: guide to finding all the Refuges [Marathon Trophy]


Here are all the safe houses to hide.

All the refuges in Manhattan in The Division, "Marathon" Trophy

In The Division there are 13 refuges in total where it is possible to hole up and hide. Refuges are marked on the map with a 'cyan icon that turns orange when you unlock the shelter.

Press the button indicated on the screen when approaching a shelter to enter, the shelter will unlock and become available for fast travel (follow the fast travel guide in The Division for more help).

Here is a list of all the refuges, with information on where they are located:

  • Kerman Station (Hudson Yards 5-9)
  • The Cavern (Garment District 5-9)
  • The Meat Locker (Tenderloin 9-12)
  • Dante's Run (Hell's Kitchen 10-13)
  • Autumn's Hope (Times Square 10-13)
  • Wolves Den (Clinton 14-15)
  • Madison's Stand (Flatiron District 15-16)
  • The Last Call (Gramercy 16-18)
  • The Ward (Stuyvesant 18-19)
  • Southpaw (Kips Bay 20-23)
  • The Grindhouse (Murray Hill 24-26)
  • The Firewall (Turtle Bay 27-28)
  • The Crypt (Midtown East 28-30)
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