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    All the correct answers to the quiz questions

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    All the answers to the Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes quiz


    Here are some help to complete the quizzone that Kojima has studied for the fans.

    All the correct answers to the quiz questions

    If you have unlocked the Extra MGS Ground Zeroes mission for PS4 - PS3 and finished it by recreating all the scenes (if you have not done so, follow the Dejà-vu mission guide for more help) then you have already found yourself in front of a series of questions about the Metal Gear saga that only true fans can hope to answer correctly.

    The award for those who will be able to give the right answer to all the questions it is a nice one costume extra to be used in the same mission (for details follow the guide to unlockable costumes).

    So let's see what are the correct answers to give, reminding you that to get the costume you need to get them all right without any errors, otherwise you will have to play the "Dejà vu" mission again by recreating all the scenes to have the chance to answer the quiz again.

    Important: follow the guide to the Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Trophies to unlock all the achievements of this game.

    Answers Quiz Difficulty Difficult

    Question 1: How did Snake define Otacon's love for a certain female character?
    Answer: Stockholm syndrome

    Question 2: What card did Otacon give to Snake when he visited him in the cell?
    Answer: Level 6

    Question 3: Which boss was not a member of the FoxHound unit?
    Answer: Cyborg Ninja

    Question 4: What was the name of the Studio (later called Kojima Productions) that developed MGS 1?
    Reply: KCE Japan

    Question 5: Who did Otacon fall in love with in MGS 1?
    Answer: Sniper Wolf

    Question 6: How were Johnny Sasaky's private parts hidden in the Western version of the game?
    Answer: Pixel effect

    Question 7: What caliber was the pistol Snake tried to give to Meryl?
    Answer: 0.45

    Question 8: After escaping from the base, which animal's family did Snake and Meryl meet?
    Answer: Caribou

    Question 9: In total, how many stealth disguise prototypes did Otacon develop?
    Answer: 5

    Question 10: What does "PAL" mean?
    Risposta: Permissive Action Link

    After the tenth question, "FOX ...!" and you, of course, will have to select "DIE"

    Answers Quiz Normal difficulty

    Damanda 1: Which island did Snake infiltrate in MGS 1?
    Risposta: Shadow Moses

    Damanda 2: What was the name by which the guided missile was known?
    Answer: Nikita

    Damanda 3: Who should the Codec call to save the game?
    Risposta: Mei Ling

    Damanda 4: What treatment was used on the Next-Generation Special Force?
    Answer: Gene therapy

    Damanda 5: What floor was Otacon's laboratory on?
    Answer: Second basement

    Damanda 6: What was Cyborg Ninja's true identity?
    Answer: Frank Jaeger

    Damanda 7: What did Snake do in Alasha before he was called back into action?
    Answer: Sladdog (dog sled conductor)

    Damanda 8: What was the maximum lift load in communication tower B?
    Answer: 300 kg

    Damanda 9: What kind of storage unit did the Armstech President deliver to Snake?
    Answer: optical disc

    Damanda 10: What was the title of the final music?
    Answer: The best is yet to come

    Even in the Normal difficulty quiz, after the tenth question, "FOX ...!" and you, of course, will have to select "DIE"

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