All the alternate endings of Beyond Two Souls - SPOILER

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Beyond Two Souls: guide to the endings [PS3]


As was easily imagined, Beyond Two Souls provides several alternative endings for the story. Let's see what are the factors that influence and determine the ending of the game. Obviously, the guide contains SPOILERS !!!

All the alternate endings of Beyond Two Souls - SPOILER

The ending you get in Beyond Two Souls depends on how you decide to live your life. The choices made in the game, such as leaving or staying in a relationship with Ryan Clayton, lead to slight differences within the 5 real different endings foreseen in the game, which will therefore also change based on the choice to save Paul, Norah, and Cole from death (Shimisani cannot be saved), as following their fate these will or will not appear in the endings themselves.

The real difference, however, will be made by your choice in chapter 24 "Black Sun", the ending. Here you will have to decide for Jodie Holmes between the "Life" and the "Beyond" options, which lead to two distinct endings. Furthermore, within the "Life" choice you will find 4 other options:

- alone
- with Zoey
- con Jay
- con Ryan

but really seeing ALL the endings of the game is another story ... 

How to see all endings ("All Ends" Trophy)

The ones we have talked about so far (and that you can see at the bottom of the guide) are the "main endings" that you can get, but based on the choices made during the game, short variations of the same sequences are unlocked that count ALL for get the "All Finals" Trophy.

Let's say right away that the events that affect the endings start from the chapter "Homeless". So if you have already played you can select this chapter and start the story from here. To see ALL the endings and unlock the trophy proceed as follows:

Part 1 - "ALL SAVED" Finals

To see this first group of endings play the story and make sure none of these characters die:


If you have difficulty follow the guide to save all characters. At the end of the chapter "Black Sun" you will have to choose between "Beyond" e "Vita". Choose "Beyond" to get to the only ending available on this narrative branch. Then reload the chapter "Black Sun" and, choosing "Life", you will have to reload the EPILOGUE 4 times in order to choose one of the four available options each time and see the related sequences.

Attention! During the interrogation in the submarine base if you talk you will prevent Ryan from being injured in the eye, if you DO NOT talk he will lose him. Depending on the choice made on this occasion, in the final scene Ryan will either have his eye saved or wear a blindfold. It seems that this difference also counts as a different ending, so you'll have to replay the submarine base twice to make one option happen first and then the other.

Part 2 - "A BETTER WORLD" Finals

To see this second group of endings as well, you'll have to let all the characters die instead:


So you can always start from the "Homeless" chapter this time by making everyone die, but remember that from this chapter on you will have to play ALL the chapters, WITHOUT skipping any (obviously, if you want, you can also start the whole game all over again, the progress on the endings you have already seen will not be lost). Follow the guide to make all characters die if you have difficulty.

Arrived at the chapter "Black Sun", choose "Beyond". Then replay the chapter "Black Sun", choose "Vita" and this time choose the option "Alone" , then with Jay (Paul is dead "), then with "Zoey" (Walter and Jimmy are dead). As in part 1, you will have to replay the EPILOGUE to change these 3 choices.


This you can do at any time. Let Jodie die at the end of the "Black Sun" chapter. After meeting Nathan (where he dies and is reunited with his family) you will meet different entities. Miss all the Quick Time Events and Jodie will die, this way you will see this final single.

Video about the endings

On the net there are several guides that speak only of a part of the possible endings, or other guides defined by those who write them as "the best of the web" with some small defiance on the side of clarity. The one you have just read is proven by the video you see below which shows ALL POSSIBLE ENDINGS and all their variants. Right after this video, you can see the 5 main finals in Spanish.



Final "beyond" (Spanish video)

End of Life "A" / choose Ryan (Spanish Video)

End of Life "B" / Sola Jay (Spanish Video)

Ending Life "C" / Choose Zoey (Spanish Video)

Final Life "D" / Sola (Spanish Video)

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