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    All jackets to unlock with collectibles

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    The Division: guide to unlockable jackets with collectibles [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


    Here are the prizes for the most tenacious.

    All jackets to unlock with collectibles

    We have already seen in the guide to find all the collectibles of The Division, that in the game there are a total of 293 objects to collect, divided into 6 different categories.

    You must know that in addition to the glory and the related trophies / objectives, by finding all these collectibles you will also unlock the jackets for your character that you see in the video at the bottom of the guide:

    Meadow Jacket: Collect all survival guides
    Shoreline Jacket: collect all telephone records
    Highland Jacket: find all the reports on the JTF incident
    Frost Jacket: find all the photos of the crashed drones
    Sierra Jacket: find all missing agents
    Rose Jacket: find all the ECHO scenes

    Here is the video that shows the jackets in all their splendor, do not forget to also consult the tricks and guides tab of The Division for other useful guides on this game.

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